How to turn Chrome into a language tutor?

A number of exercises are there that you can practice for learning a new language like watching TV, listening to the radio programs and reading in your chosen language.But for accomplishing that perfectly, you would have to integrate such learning sessions in your routine life.


Google keeps on introducing new apps for variety of purposes. Here, it comes with a new app to help people who wish to learn new languages quickly. The app is integrated with Chrome browser and its name is Language Immersion for Chrome that can surely help you to keep practicing a new language or a language you know already.

You just have to give LI a setting for target language along with rating your knowledge level about that particular language. You can rate yourself anything from a ‘novice to fluent’. Then the words or phrases will be slipped by the extension from the target language into different websites you normally visit. The app uses the Google Translate system and it is available for all 64 languages that are offered for translation by the Google Translate service. If you want to know how this app works, then read this post carefully.

Just download and then install the app for Chrome. Once the app gets installed, just click the icon appearing to the right side of the address bar. Then you just have to select your language and set the fluency level you have and you are ready to go with the app. So, if you will visit any website then, you will see the phrases and words highlighted as well as translated into the targeted language you have chosen. Now, you should be careful in checking out the translated portion for building your vocabulary. If you are really facing a difficult time, then just click on the translated word and they will convert back into English. When you will click again, they will again turn to your target language. The settings of the extension are also comprised of an option of hearing any translated portions that are spoken using the tool, Google Translate.

LI app can also make a significant setting with the Google Translate website for the automatic translation of the words into your chosen language. When you will select the novice level, you will see a little bit of sentences translated into the language you are learning. Later on, it increases the number of translated portions with which you manually go with the difficulty level. Once after selecting the fluent level option, you will see the entire paragraph converted in a different language. If you want to close the app then just click the icon again with hitting the big ‘Off’ button.

You may think it as a weird idea for learning English or any other language, but it is really a new and better way to practice your preferred language in your routine life. Though, the translated websites are not always perfect. They are about what you would anticipate from Google Translate. Sometimes, you see spelling mistakes as well. However, they are bringing remarkable solution to the needy ones who need assistance in learning a language and maintain a daily learning and practice routine.

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