3 Things you should know about becoming a programmer

Being a programmer can be challenging and at times frustrating. There are certain aspects needed apart from being passionate about. The biggest mistake and misunderstanding that many beginners make is to give up early. Programming is a career job that is done fulltime and is paying. The misconception that it is hard and requires a calling has actually misdirected many as anyone can learn how to code and be a programmer. The world of coding is so wide in that there so many coding languages used. There is; python, java, C+ and C++ language just to mention a few. If you are not good in one language, you can learn how to code using another one. The main thing that you should know is what you want to code or program about. You need to follow your passion and dreams no matter what the case. It is for this reason that you should be conversant with some of the things when you take up programming. Here are some of the things you should know about becoming a programmer:


  • Be willing to learn.If you get forced into the world of coding, it could be your worst nightmare. You need to have the passion and the zeal to learn how to code. The percentage of people who are forced into coding end up getting frustrated and they don’t do so well. To avoid this, ensure that coding comes from your heart, you have the passion and the need to code. It will be simple and easy if you decide on your own and not forced. In order to get started on programming, you will need to ignite a burning desire in your heart to programming and always keep it burning.



  • Don’t be shy to ask questions.As a programmer, you are bound to make mistakes once in a while during the learning process. This should not discourage or slow you down. You should be proud of your progress and when stuck, asking as many questions as you can will actually help you advance. Being shy will only shut you down and you will be frustrated to being stuck in one place. Get started on relevant sites that will offer the help you need. Ask any question and if not properly answered, ensure that you get full clarification.



  • Be persistent.This is a trait that many failed programmers lacked. In order to be an expert in the coding field, you need to persevere through all difficulties and ensure that you don’t give up easily no matter what the case is. At times, it is difficult to present an awesome and operating work at a first trial especially if there is a bunch of codes involved. For this reason, you should know how to think like a programmer and start all over again, this time ensuring that you break down the code into small parts to find the problem. In coding, giving up is not an option.


Programming is not hard as many people perceive. In fact, with the above tips it will be a walk in the park. You should remember that in coding it is all about binary, so it is either working or not.

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