Why you should turn off your PC, laptop, modem, router, and other tech routinely?

So you are a tech savvy, you must know how to manage with your IT stuff and keep your all peripherals. It is imperative. If you really want to get the best out of your electronic goods and gadgets for the long term, you would have to take good care of them. You should be technically smart to use these products efficiently and keep them working for long.


However, experts suggest that you should keep your all power gadgets turn off when not in use. It has been of course a question of debate since years and some of us are still trying to find out appropriate reason behind this. Sometimes, people feel that would it really shorten the lifespan of the electronic gadgets and systems if you have kept them turn on the whole night especially when you are not working on them?              Many of us turn their PCs, laptops and router off when they are going to bed during the nights without actually knowing the reason. Then what is the reason behind?

The basic reason you can understand behind doing this is to save power and save money. Logically, if you have left an electronic device on 24/7, it will wear out faster than turning it off during nights. Also, it does not hurt if you have kept it off in the night time. On the other hand, it helps in rebooting faster the next day. You should shut your computer down instead of putting it on the power saving mode before going to the bed. Of course, it would take a while to boot up in the morning, but every fresh boot will help the Windows get stable and work faster. It is just like waking up after a good night’s sleep after clearing the cobwebs from your brain.

It is always better to use a smart surge protector to control all the peripherals around your computer. This way, you would not have to shut every system off particularly. Instead, when you will shut down your computer, the surge device will automatically start cutting power to other devices as well. You can plug in your router, modem, printers and all other peripherals along with your computer to a surge protector. So, when you want to turn off these gadgets, just turn the main switch of the surge protector off and save electricity. It will save electricity charges for you.

You should also know that electricity is produced by burning carbon and it creates environmental pollution as well. It does not mean that you should move to some cave-some place and leave your all gadgets. But it actually means to utilize your electric gadgets as and when you want without turning them off after completing your work. This will help you avoid power wastage and safeguard your gadgets as well due to the possibilities of short circuits and others. As if you are not around, when the accident happens, you will lose much without being able to save something. Hence, be alert and be careful.

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