Ripple Surpassed BitcoinCash and secured #3 position in CoinMarketCap

What a crazy day for Ripplers. Almost double from what it has started. As in writing now, Ripple is $0.81, in Indian Market it crossed over $1.2 at the same time. Tomorrow (Friday) Japan-Korea enters trial on blockchain payment with Ripple. If the experiment is succesful then experts has said then reaching $5 or even $10 will be easy.

Read the top 7 reasons why Ripple is exploding.

First it surpassed IOTA then Litecoin and now BitcoinCash. If the flow continues like this then very soon it will Surpass Ethereum.

ripple coinbase

The CEO of SBI Group, Mr. Kitao who is a billionarie said he is all in with Ripple in his tweet and these big players knows this market better than anyone.

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Moreover, Ripple was on the top 8 searches in Google Trends surpassing every musician or viral news ever. It is the first time in history for Ripple to achieve such success.

google trend

Some big blasts are coming within 12 hours when the experiment starts and everyone is sitting tight. Let’s see what happens, stay tuned!

Also the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse will be doing a live Q&A! show today at 5:15PM (PT) as he tweeted here,

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