7 Reasons Why Ripple is Shining

CryptoCurrency market is finally exploding and flooding with money. Not to mention, Ripple (#XRP) increased 15% today (As in 12 December, 2017) and is towards breaking its all time high. Finally, people are acknowledging its true potential and investing in it more and more. Honestly speaking, Ripple is testing the patience of its investors a lot. While Bitcoin & Litecoin is skyrocketing like crazy, Ripple is really undervalued so far.

But finally, some big news has come to light that we are about to share which could make the Ripple investors extremely happy.

Update: Ripple crossed $0.50 – Breaking All Time High

Number #1: Ripple Escrows 55 Billion XRP to accomplish its promise of building liquidity

At last, Ripple has fulfilled its promise of building XRP liquidity. It has completed this via escrowing funds. The Cypto experts has said that Ripple has again given a proof of its responsibilities.

Full news available on Ripple News

ripple partners with escrow

Update: Big News! Ripple Partnerships with American Express

Number #2: Ripple has been selected for the best Digital Asset payment

After examining the top digital assists used for payments which includes their cost, speed and scalability, it has been found that Ripple is on top of them on 11 December, 2017. Here’s the full chart comparing the top companies.

Ripple best digital asset payment

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Number #3: Possibility of Amazon & Uber Partnership with Ripple

This could be the most exciting news ever. But there might be an Amazon & Uber partnership with Ripple. Here’s a picture of today’s meeting presentation (12 December, 2017) that has been exposed in twitter & YouTube.

Ripple amazon uber

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Number #4: Ripple Payment enters Trial in Japan-Korea Blockchain Payments

This is a huge news that came today (12 December, 2017) where Nikkei announced this update. Japan-Korea market will do a trial on blockchain payment using Ripple. 61 banks aim to send payment via Ripple virtual currency. Ripple experts has stated that Friday will be a massive day for Ripple. If everything goes well then then at the starting of 2018, Ripple will be used to carry its first real funds between Japan and South Korea.


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Number #5: Big announcement coming this Friday

It is confirmed by an employee (@Joelkatz) of Ripple that a big announcement is coming this Friday (15 December, 2017). Everyone is really looking forward to this and there’s a high chance that it will explode the Ripple price.

121 122

Number #6: Ripple Hosts the World Central Bank to Discover Next Generation Payment

Recently, Ripple gathered over 25 central banks around the world to discover how the Ripple technology enable the next generation payment.

The CEO Of Ripple, Brad Ganlinghouse hosted the event and stated, “The Summit provided an opportunity to explore the full payments landscape: central banks’ domestic trials, Ripple’s growing cross-border network and interoperability across systems. Together, these form the beginning of an Internet of Value, where payments move as easily as the data across the internet.”


Number #7: Ripple will be added on Coinbase

Rumors has confirmed that Ripple will be added on Coinbase very soon which means volume won’t be a problem. Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange company and if this goes well then there’s no wonder that Ripple price will be skyrocketing.

ripple coinbase

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In short, Ripple is providing so much features that cannot be found on any other company yet. The good news for Ripple is piling up every day and finally, it has started to rise now. Stay tuned for more news soon!

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