5 Smarter Ways to Search On Your iPhone Or iPad

Searching anything at any time in your iPhone and iPad is no more a tricky job. iPhone and iPad has some in-build options by using which you can search your desired apps, mails, webpages and a lot more. Here are 5 smarter ways to perform search in your iPhone and iPad.


  1. Search for Apps: For searching the apps iPhone has an very popular tool called Spotlight. You can call it a universal search tool for iOS and OS X. With this you can search your web, contacts, calendars, emails and many more. With Spotlight you can search almost any apps and shortcut to “Safari”, however you can perform the deep and specific search from

Spotlight as it is just searches the upper layer of the apps.

  1. Search within A Webpage: Safari Search Box is the option you should choose while search for specific term or name within the webpage. You find an arrow on the bottom side of the screen tap on that and it will highlight each occurrence of a search name on a webpage.

Let’s say you want to find a specific name with in a Wikipedia page. Just open the page in Safari, tap the search/address box at the peak of the screen, and click on “X” to shut down the “URL” and type out the name you want to find. The name will get highlighted within the page each time it will appear on the same webpage; you just have to scroll up and down to see the desired name.

  1. Search Mail from Sender’s Name, Subject and Recipients: Here Spotlight won’t be help for your if you want to search a mail from name, sender, subject or recipient. For such a deep and narrow search you have to use your Mail’s search box present in the iOS’s Mail app. Let you want to search a mail with a name “Tom” in it. Type the name Tom in the Mail’s search box and hit Enter. Your will now only display some selected names. It will show all the mails having the word or name Tom in it, whether the name can be anywhere in the mail like sender, recipient, subject or in the message box.
  1. Search the Photos from Place and Time: If you want to select a single picture then don’t worry you need to scan the whole “Moments” in your iOS manually. Your iPhone and iPad has a Photos search tool which can make your work of searching an exact photo relaxing with the help of place and time. You can even use “Nearby”, “One Year Ago” or “Home” if you have set a flag for your home and rest of the places.
  1. Search Specific Settings: In iphone and iPad we have more than 30 main setting and countless sub settings. So if you want to find an exact setting as per you need you have an option of Setting Search Box. Let you want to search sound setting, type “Sound” and it will display all the necessary sound setting.

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