How to Save Contacts from iPhone to PC

Hey! Do you have iPhone? Do you also want to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to PC? But, you do not know what to do? How to transfer your iPhone contacts to computer? No worries at all! We are always here to help you out! Today, in this post, we will guide you our best in transferring contacts from iPhone to personal computers. The only thing that you have to do is just have a look to this post and you will get immediate solution of your problem.


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How is it, if you get a tool that transfer your selected contacts from iPhone to personal computer without doing any effort from time to time? It would be great! There is a tool: IOS Transfer. Yes, it is a professional tool for copying contacts from iPhone to computers. By using this tool, you can transfer from iPhone 5 or from iPhone 6 to personal computer. You do not need any iTunes to copy the contacts. You can also copy sms, video, photos, images as well. Here are the steps that guide you in transferring contacts from iPhone to computer:

Connect iPhone to Computers

For transferring the iPhone contacts to PC, the very first thing you need is USB cable. It is the USB cable that helps you to transfer the contacts smoothly. So, connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable.

Copy iPhone contacts to PC

As soon as your iPhone is connected to PC via USB cable, “Contacts” option is shown on the left sidebar. All the contacts that are presents in your iPhone as well as associated accounts like Yahoo and iCloud Exchange will be shown on the screen of your PC. Choose the contacts which you want to transfer from your iPhone to PC. You can transfer all the contacts and if you want to transfer any selected contacts then you can select these contacts from the contact list of your iPhone. After choosing the contacts, click “Import/Export“, then select “Export All Contacts” or Export Selected Contacts”. After selecting the above options, your PC ask you to choose “Multiple vCard Files” or Single vCard File”. After selecting all the options, the file window pops up shows you the path where you have to store your file which you have exported from your iPhone.

Additional Tip: You can also copy your contacts from other online account. The steps of copying contacts from iPhone to other online accounts are very easy and simple. Here are the steps:

  • The very first step that you have to do is to sign in the online account, obviously by your iPhone.
  • Click “Settings” to sign in these accounts.
  • Once you sign in, click Mail and then Contacts and then you have to select Calendar.
  • Once you completed all the steps, “Add Account” option is available on your screen. Select that option and transfer your contacts.

Hope, you are clear all the steps. So, try now and transfer your contacts from iPhone to personal computer!

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