How to enable the Spartan browser’s speedy new Edge engine in Windows 10


Spartan browser, the new project of Microsoft is not available yet but windows lovers are ready to install this browser to enjoy beneficial features hidden within. Enabling the new Edge rendering engine of Spartan is possible by toggling a flag in internet explorer in hew new technical preview of windows 10.  Spartan is still in the experimental stage and it has been expected to introduce improvement in performance of the engine that exists for IE11.

How to enable the new engine?

In order to run Spartan browser, it is important to enable the new engine. For this purpose, you need nothing but to type ‘about:flags’ in the address bar of IE11. Choose ‘enable’ within the ‘enable experimental web platform features’. After doing all this, you will require restarting the browser. Remember that when you enable ‘custom user agent’ option, it will trick sites to nerf IE especially for utilizing the Spartan Edge rendering engine. Now, find the ‘apply changes’ button at the bottom of the page and click on it. You will be able to notify the installation of the new engine and browser through visual changes as the engine that works for Spartan renders hood improvements. Apart from this all, the new design and improved features are affiliated with the Spartan browser but they won’t arrive till the time the browser involves with future windows 10 build.

New features in Spartan

Apart from boosting performance, Spartan will launch some new features like Cortana integration, webpage annotation, facility of saving page clippings to OneNote and built-in offline reading mode. Representing good scores to support the Spartan browser, the Edge engine has gained good favor of people in comparison to the old IE engine. This new engine for Spartan also shows good performance in tests such as Octane and Sunspider. Unlike other browsers, Spartan has a slick innovative look while like other browsers; it also bears a layout having tabs on top.

How the browser is significant?

Microsoft has launched this new browser to revitalize the performance of previous browsers and engines but all these efforts of speeding up improvement are not of use if Spartan seems not eligible to beat the competition. The engine affiliated to work with Spartan makes way to launch an advance browser for Microsoft.

How to resolve failures?

Edge performs 80 percent better than the default rendering engine of IE in some tests. But you should never forget that this engine is truly ‘experimental’. You should be ready to face some bugs after installation of this engine and these issues can be sought out with the help of windows 10 technical preview. Still, the rendering engine of Spartan is not reliable for the reason it is a technical preview. According to Microsoft, IE11 is comparatively stable and in case users face any problem with Edge, they need nothing to do but just repeating a few steps and setting the experimental web platform for ‘disable’ option.

This is all about enabling Sparta n in your device for windows 10.

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