How to enter Windows 8 Safe Mode when you can’t boot Windows 8

How to enter Windows 8 Safe Mode when you can't boot Windows 8

People who struggle to boot into safe mode in windows 8 will like to read this post further. Well, the best idea to enter the safe mode in previous windows versions is to press F8 or shift+F8. This will not work in case of windows 8 because this new version of windows has a changed booting procedure. Booting is fast in this version so that it cannot be commanded by pressing any key. Here is the list of five good ways to boot into safe mode in windows 8.

Use troubleshooter

Troubleshooting and repair features can help you to enter the safe mode for booting windows 8. Find ‘choose an option’ and click on ‘troubleshoot’ in the window. Then click upon the ‘advance options’ and click on ‘startup settings’. By clicking the ‘restart’, a boot menu will open. With the help of down arrow key, visit to the ‘safe mode’ and press enter key.

Use a system recovery memory stick

Using the recovery media creator for creation of system recovery drive on a USB flash drive is also a good idea. This works in an awesome manner for windows 8. USB memory stick helps to boot windows 8 in a safe mode. You can choose a layout of choice from the list of various layouts.

The method of pressing F8

People who want to use the old method of pressing F8 on keyboard to enter into safe mode in windows 8; you will come to know that the key is not working.  Windows 8 has a totally new booting process i.e. UEFI. Although, many PCs currently are also using BIOS and don’t support the system of pressing F8 to enter into the safe booting mode.  You will need to change the system setting for using the same method. The procedure is so simple. Use keyboard shortcut Win key + X, you will be entered into the quick menu where you need to select ‘Command Prompt’. Enter command bootmenupolicy legacy.

Booting from system recovery

Windows 8 also offers the option of booting in the safe mode through system recovery. For this purpose, you can create a system recovery DVD or CD. After creating the disc, you can continue the booting process from there. If the system asks any key for loading the content, you should follow the same. You can also be asked for choosing a keyboard layout. If you are interested for browsing through available options, you can choose watching more keyboard layouts till the time you find the one of your choice.

Use system configuration tool

This is one of the easiest methods to boot into safe mode. A system configuration tool is called as msconfig.exe. Visiting to the boot tab and then checking the box that asks ‘safe boot’ within ‘options’ lead you towards your goal. Then you will see a dialogue box that will ask to restart your computer. You can choose any options out of ‘restart’ and ‘exit without restart’ on the basis of restart now or later. When you restart the computer again, you will find windows is booting in safe mode.

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