How to view recent webpages when you’re offline


You must have come across a situation when you’re without Internet, and want to continue reading a webpage that you were looking at few moments back. It is a frustrating situation, but if you are on Chrome or Firefox then you can get the recently viewed webpage even when you offline.

Both the browser can display content in their respective caches that means you can view the webpage on the temporarily saved data instead of the live version. if you are out of network area and still want to view a news item or another site, try one of these solutions for Chrome or Firefox.


In the chrome you can view any saved copies of site you were viewing about a half an hour back. The experience would vary because someday you view many sites a time and that can make little difference.

Step 1: to get the webpage you were viewing before going offline just type: chrome://flags/#show-saved-copy, without any Quotes in the URL address bar.

Step 2: now select Enable: which is located in the dropdown menu under the Enable Show Saved Copy Button heading.

Step 3: once you click on Enable then restart your browser so that the feature can work effectively.

Step 4: to test viewing a cached page, all you need is to take your PC offline and open a webpage from your recent browsing history. Here you will get Chrome’s typical offline error message here, you will get to see a Show saved copy button. Now your system is ready to show you the version of the webpage you were viewing, just click that button.

This system of chrome to display stale WebPages is currently experimental. Although, default Chrome can show some WebPages, when you are out of network area or offline and still want to view some sites. When you use this setting it will enable the feature in a much better manner.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most user friendly Browser and you will not get any special flag to in Firefox to view content offline. when you are traveling, it happens that you get disconnected and your internet stop working, but if you still want to view webpage when you are offline then you can use setting in Firefox and view your page.

Step 1: to view the page you were viewing, all you need is to click on the menu “hamburger”, this icon is given on the upper right corner.

Step 2: now you need to select the Developer > Work Offline. Once you follow these steps the Firefox will display the page you want, the page will be seen as long as it’s in the browser’s cache.

You can view pages when you are offline only if you are using rather of the browser. This is the only solution to viewing cached WebPages offline. It is not any perfect solution, but it could be a great help if you are viewing something really urgent and it works in most situations.

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