How to Boost your Modem Wifi Signals.


Guys Today we will see How to Boost your Modem Wifi Signal Range.
You may use an old Modem which has very weak Wifi Signals or maybe you are sitting far away from the router and signals may not reach you.
In such situation what you do is replace the old modem with a new one.
I recommend you to try this trick before you Buy a new expensive one, In this article we will use Beer or Coke Can To boost your router wifi signal range.

Refer This pic.
Lets get started : 

Step 1: Take a beer or Coke CAN which you used in Past and clean it with water. Dry it and remove the Sticky Pull tab From the can. Check pic “A”.

Step 2: Now Cut the bottom of the can carefully following the Red Line. you can Use Knife or Scissor to cut. Refer Pic “B”

Step 3: While Doing the Step 2, you have to leave little bit of matel to make the upper side attached to the Can, Refer pic “C” . Dont cut the White line.

Step 4: Now Cut The Can From the opposite side Vertically. Refer pic ” D”

Step 5: Now Give the round shape to the can, use glue to attach the antenna
Step 6: Thats all, This will boost your modem Wifi Signals. You can change the direction of Antenna where your Laptop is located To improve the signals and make it more effective.

I tried my Best to keep the tutorial Simple. Thanks for reading

Thanks To Razortuts For this Usefull Post.
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3 thoughts on “How to Boost your Modem Wifi Signals.

  • April 17, 2015 at 12:46 pm

    hy put a usb dongle wifi at the end of a usb cabel of 5 -10 -20 meter and connect to your pc i am at 30 meters and 3 floors up and a excelent signal 48mb ps the usb cabel must be a good qwality one

  • June 30, 2014 at 7:04 am

    hi dear i like to try if u can give me more knowledge an education for if i take my laptop to the other room the signal become very weak an they say it cover 200 meters but i dont think so write or visit if u r in Mumbai or if u have Mumbai contact where i can talk to u dear

  • April 29, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    good idea. but I doubt it improves the range o.O it would only direct all signals in one direction instad of spreading it in 360 degrees


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