4 Tips to selecting the best wireless router for your business.

Hello Geeks, how are you doing? Today we will be talking on how to choose the best wireless router for your startup business. People usually don’t check all the specifications and configurations of a router before buying it and later they run into problems that leads to buy new wireless routers which costs more money. This is why in this article we will be sharing the 4 best tips to consider before buying a wireless router for your business.

It is important to consider few things before you buy a wireless router because without it, you won’t be able to connect all your computer and laptops in your office which will lead to lots of inconvenience. So let’s just jump and see which factors to consider before buying the best wireless router.

Tip 1: Check Antenna

There’s a high chance that in your office, you would want to get Wi-Fi connection through the walls, so it is recommended to select a router that has one or more external Antenna.

If you have an external antenna on your router then it will give you large range of Wi-Fi connection smoothly without any interruption. Most routers only have internal antennas that provides a very short range of connection and that’s it is recommended to read the best wireless router reviews before buying any router.

Tip 2: Check USB Ports

If your router has USB ports then it will be very convenient since you will be able to attach USB flash drives, printer and even dongle that you can share with the wireless connection to different computers and laptops.

So make sure to check they satisfy your requirement because many routers don’t even have the option to insert a dongle and if it doesn’t fulfill your need then you might want to avoid it.

Tip 3: Security

It is well known that most wireless routers provides three types of security including WPA, WEP and WPA 2 and it is considered that WPA 2 is the best among them. So if you are worried that strangers may hack your Wi-Fi and steal all your bandwidths then it is recommended to check the security settings before buying the router.

Tip 4: Speed of the router

Different routers have different speed such as 100 MBPS, 300 MBPS, 900 MBPS & 1900 MBPS. This value indicates the ideal speed that can be achieved under normal conditions. Internet providers have some relationship with this speed and it should provide more smoothness to your network experience. The speed requirement depends on what type of usage you do need such as streaming, downloading, uploading, etc.

And that’s it. These 4 tips must be considered before buying any wireless router for your business. Moreover, you should also check the brand and pricing according to your requirement.

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