What To Do If Surface Pro 4 Does Not Turn On?

Lately, many users have claimed to face certain issues with Surface Pro 4 and in today’s article, we are going to drag one such issue for discussion.

It was reported on a Microsoft community forum last month by a random guy that he was unable to turn on his Surface Pro 4 device after he had mistakenly pressed the Power button to turn it off.

Sounds quite irrelevant, but that’s how many of the complaints regarding Surface Pro 4 are coming to the forefront currently on various forums.

Sometimes, this issue has been found to occur after a firmware update, or mostly after shutting down the system or charging it.

According to many users, it does not wake up or turn on after you put it to sleep.

So in short, the problem is surfacing in the same way but due to several varying reasons.

You cannot be sure about any particular cause, so we will give you certain fixes which will work for all the common causes generically.

Table of Contents:

  • Perform Two Button Combination Reset
  • Utilize Windows Key + P Shortcut
  • Disconnect all Peripherals
  • Wake up your Surface Pro 4 with Hotkeys
  • Disconnect the Power Button and let the Battery Drain
  • Plug -in Surface Pro 4 to a Different Power Outlet


Solution #1: Perform Two Button Combination Reset

The Microsoft team has come up with a quick solution to this issue by performing a two-button reset.

To pull it off, follow the guideline given below:

Step 1: Firstly, press and then hold the Power button for at least 30 seconds.

Step 2. Once the device is turned off, press the Volume Up button along with the Power button. Keep pressing for at least 15 to 20 seconds. The screen may display the spontaneous flashes of the Surface Pro logo, but don’t pay attention to it and keep pressing the buttons.

Step 3. Release the button after the designated time. And keep it undisturbed for few more seconds, for instance, 10 seconds.

Step 4. Press the power button once again and leave it. The device will be turned on.

This is usually the two-button resetting method.

If the device does not turn on this time, don’t despair. Follow the next solutions explained ahead.

Solution #2: Utilize Windows Key + P Shortcut

According to experts, your device might be running but in a different mode. That’s why it seems dead for the time being. Using this approach of “Windows Key + P” shortcut, the issue has been reported to be solved for many users.

So let’s give it a try here.

Just press the “Windows + P” keys together for some time, and see if it starts or not.

If it is still not starting, head on to the next method. Don’t waste your time on this trick.

Solution #3: Disconnect all Peripherals

What To Do If Surface Pro 4 Does Not Turn On? (1)

According to some reliable sources, if you are unable to turn on your Surface Pro, you seriously need to disconnect all the peripherals attached to it. For instance, keyboard, external hard drives, power adapter, etc.

After disconnecting everything, keep pressing the power button for 2 to 3 minutes and release it for 30-40 seconds. Press it again for 5-10 minutes and your device is most likely to turn on at the end of these button-pressing sessions which I must admit is quite of a tedious job.

Still not working? Relax, there are still a few more tricks waiting up ahead.

Just don’t give up on it so easily.

Solution #4: Wake up your Surface Pro 4 with Hotkeys

What To Do If Surface Pro 4 Does Not Turn On? (2)

This problem sometimes occurs when you put your Pro device to sleep. So using hotkeys on many occasions is said to have worked out.

To accomplish it, press the “Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B” keys combination on the keyboard.

In case you are using the device on tablet mode, press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons also simultaneously three times without subsequently.

Hopefully, this should wake up your Surface Pro 4.

Solution #5: Disconnect the Power Button and let the Battery Drain

What To Do If Surface Pro 4 Does Not Turn On? (3)

This is also a quick fix, which is said to be helpful for many users. Who knows, it might prove to be helpful for you as well.

So, disconnect the power adapter and let the battery drain out.

It may take a few minutes to a couple of hours, so just leave it undisturbed and attend to your other important tasks.

It would be best if you just leave the device for 24 hours to drain out completely.

Once it is fully drained out, connect it to the power adapter and check if the issue is sorted out or not.

If it is still not waking up, there is still one more trick to your availability.

Solution #6: Plug-in Surface Pro 4 to a Different Power Outlet

In a different way around, users have informed on various forums that this issue can be resolved by connecting the Surface Pro 4 to a different outlet.

So if it is waking up, plug in the device to a different power socket in your home and try to turn it on again.

Make sure that this new power outlet is not connected with other devices.

Although it is not a guaranteed solution, you can still try it out.


If your device is still under warranty and none of the above-mentioned solutions seem to work in your favor, then you can submit your device to any nearby service center.

They have their special arrangements or tools to wake it up in a few seconds if it is a software issue. It could also be a hardware problem which the experts at the service center can easily fix.

If you are facing any other miscellaneous issues with your Surface Pro 4, tell us about it in the comment section below. We will try to revert to with guaranteed solutions if possible.

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