3 Ways to Access and Control Your PC Remotely

3 Ways to Access and Control Your PC Remotely


Your home PC is really an incredible machine. It is customized and designed as per your needs and it runs almost all your important applications and stores all the must-have files to access anytime. The catch is that you cannot take your home PC everywhere you go. This is the reason why remote desktop access has arrived. Here are some of the easy ways to access your home PC – your laptop or even your buddy’s computer, from anywhere like when you were accessing it directly.


In-built Remote Desktop Connection Utility to Access from Windows to Windows

If you are a Windows user, then you may have lots of options. But Remote Desktop Connection provided by Windows is a best option for Windows integration and it provides control of high level. In addition, you don’t have to install any extra software to set up your account. In order to get this feature, you should have Windows’ Professional version or higher.


Use In-Built Screen Sharing from Mac to Mac

OS X comes with really an awesome Screen Sharing feature which is designed in the OS and it can be used to access Mac PC from any other Mac within no time. You can easily and instantly set up Screen Sharing and using it is very easy. It can be used without any downsides. However, files cannot be shared between remote PC and the computer you are using directly. But you can still work with this issue and use something like OneDrive. However, you can copy any matter in one PC and past the same in other and it seems nice.

Using TeamViewer – Another Simplest Option

TeamViewer is by far the easiest application to access your partner’s computer. This cross-platform app requires you to make your account and install some more applications. But it is a lot simple overall to set up and it comes with some amazing features.

  • Get started with downloading and installing TeamViewer on both your remote PC and your home computer. You may start up and create your account. Just go to Connection and then Set Up Unattended Access. This way, you can access all the computers over the web by giving the combination of username and password.
  • Access the account of your home PC. Also see that it has already been put on the list of machines in TeamViewer. While leaving the home, let the TeamViewer working in the background.
  • On your remote PC, run TeamViewer and access your account. You will just see the list in which your home PC is added. To begin a remote session, double click on it with the machine.

Other Applications for Remote Access

TeamViewer is not just the application for remote access alone. But it is one of the most sought-after applications known for simplicity. Another popular option is LogMeIn but it is not free for lifetime. But it still has some amazing features like drag-drop transfer, file sync and more and it is pretty good. It can be accessible only from the browser and its step is quite more confusing. This is the reason why TeamViewer enjoys the edge.

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