How to Remove Windows Shortcut Arrow from Desktop Icons?

How to Remove Windows Shortcut Arrow from Desktop Icons?


When it comes to create a desktop shortcut of any program, folder or file, a microscopic shortcut arrow is put by Windows automatically on the icon. This arrow is mainly put because it can differentiate between a shortcut and an original item on the desktop. But it can disrupt the aesthetics of your desktop overall, if you are a customization freak. You can remove the arrow from several third-party tweaking apps available online. A lot of such kinds of apps are now available and it’s up to you that you allow or not allow them to remove the arrow.

One such tweaking app is offered by WinAero named ‘Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor’ what comes handy as a registry hack with which you can remove the shortcut arrow. This is a portable and small application can easily remove the Windows arrow for you or replace it with a custom range of choices. This Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor is extremely easy to use program and you don’t have to install this application on your PC as well. From its Exe file, it can run directly on your PC. It comes in zip file and is available for different versions, like Windows 8, 7 and Vista.

In order to start, you can download ZIP file with link offered at the end and extract the content at any location that is easily accessible on your PC. You can then launch any version, after getting extracted, for your OS. A barebone design has been given to the application and it looks very simple. Users are offered with four options from this application – Classic Arrow, Windows Default, Custom and No Arrow. The arrow overlay is left by Windows Default on its default look. On the other side, Classic Arrow turns the arrow on the style of Windows Xp.

If you are looking to avoid the arrow completely, all you have to choose ‘No Arrow’. You can easily and instantly see the changes while selecting desired option and you don’t have to click ‘Apply’ button of log off, sorts, or restart. At the end, it has Custom option which is a lot explanatory and it allows you specify the overlay icon from any icon. A folder ‘Shortcut Arrows’ features this app and it has some custom arrows to apply and you can use your own always. This application is pretty cool and amazing for your PC and desktop.


It clearly removes the shortcut overlay and makes the icon looks completely clear and makes the icon looking totally identical to the original icon. It is surely a great tool which can instantly tweak the arrow from the shortcuts with just one click. This application is compatible to both 64 bit and 32 bit version of Windows 8, Vista and 7. It doesn’t cause any harm to your icons and you can get instant results within few seconds. It is surely a best option to get your shortcut arrows removed or replaced with any customized image.

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