How to fix Missing Or Corrupt Files errors in PC

How to fix Missing Or Corrupt Files errors in PC


Starting your PC for personal or business purpose might become a problem for the user if your system is facing errors for lost or corrupt files. A file may become corrupt or absent in the system section and it will never allow your PC to get started normally however; there is always a solution for every problem. People often get frustrated with such issues which have become common now but it is much better to look for the possible causes for such errors and go for the best and most authentic solution. First of all, you should know why such problems occur after which you can easily fix them.

Possible causes of files going corrupt or missing

  • Malware infection – There are a large number of DLL files which may get corrupt due to presence of malware in your system. In fact, malware is responsible for deleting or altering the contents of any file which is important file for system startup and causes the problem ultimately.
  • Corrupt installation files – While installing a program, you should ensure that files are good and authentic in nature. If these files are corrupt or any corrupt file for the specific program get installed; it will generally show errors when program is started.
  • Corrupt registry files – You are well aware of the fact the DLL information regarding all files are stored in the Windows Registry section. If registry files go corrupt due to any reason, information will be removed or altered which blocks the program whenever a user tries to access the DLL file.
  • Faulty un-installation of applications – Whenever we remove a program from system, correct process of un-installation should be adopted otherwise; a few DLL files may get changed or deleted from system. In such a case, your PC will show errors when any program will ask for the same deleted DLL file.

Solutions for corrupt or missing files

  • Install removed applications – In case, missing file errors are displayed just after uninstalling a specific program, you should reinstall the program. In order to remove this program, you should definitely use authentic uninstaller software or by using the system utility of ‘Add or Remove’ programs.
  • Scan PC for malware – If malware is the supposed cause for corrupt file errors, you should quickly scan your PC for presence of malware. Protective tool or software should be used for this task and remove the malware, if found. You may run this scan for the second time if malicious program is not scanned in the first go.
  • Registry scanning – This is the ultimate solution for corrupt file errors which must be done through advanced and reliable registry maintenance tool which is capable of eliminating harmful or junk files from the system registry.

The Operating System for Windows often come with System File Checker, which is an in-built tool that can be run to detect and remove corrupt or missing files from the system. This tool, SFC.exe will also assist you in locating the specific file which is the cause of such errors and you will be capable of easily replacing or eliminating the file.

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