How To Fix Lock up And Freezing Problem in Windows And Mac

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Some of the errors and problems on PC are really frustrating and it requires comprehensive diagnosis and resolution. Freezing and lockup problems often occur in Mac or Windows systems that must be dealt with patience and utmost care otherwise your system may crash which require reinstallation of operating system. Let us start with the Mac lockup and freezing problems and proceed to the solutions in Windows for detailed analysis.

Mac – fixing Lockup and freezing issues

  • Open another app – If the Mac has gone frozen locked up due to error in any single app, you should not reopen it because it might not solve the problem. Of course, you should switch to any different app by clicking on Dock icon or simply press the Command-Tab. If the new app does not perform, you should force stop that particular app by pressing Command-Option-Esc.
  • Reboot system – Restarting the Mac will be a solid option which can be accessed from the Apple Menu. If this is not allowed, you can press Command-Control-Eject that will immediately restart our system. However, you can also hold down your power button continuously to shut it off and power it again.
  • Disk space – Slowdown and frozen Mac may also be the result of low disc space which means you are required to make more space by deleting some useless or unwanted files.
  • OS X software update – You should keep a check on the latest update for OS X software and install it at regular intervals. It may contain fixing software which can solve this bug.
  • Disc repair – Errors related to disc may result in freezing, lockups and crashes in Mac which must be repaired on immediate basis with the use of Disk Utility’s Repair Disk feature or OS X Recovery tool.
  • Hardware Test – If hardware component is corrupt like graphics, RAM, logic board, you can easily run the Apple Hardware Test that will eliminate crashes and freezing problems.
  • Other possible solutions – You may also switch to disconnecting peripherals, trying a safe boot, adding RAM and disabling corrupt plug-ins for better results.

Windows – fixing Lockup and freezing issues

  • Restarting Windows – When Windows start up, they are several other things that might run in the background which should be disabled or removed through restarting your computer.
  • Installation repair – If Windows files have gone corrupt or missing, it will immediately need installation repair from the genuine copy of Windows for quick replacement of damaged files.
  • System Restore – After starting your Windows PC in safe mode, you can go for the final system restore which will undo all the recent changes.
  • System scan – Scanning for the system viruses and malware through Antivirus and other security utilities can be a good choice because it will remove and delete the malicious software or programs.
  • Other useful solutions require you to –
  • Test RAM and power supply
  • Electrical shorts
  • Replace HD data cable connecting it to motherboard
  • Test hard drive
  • Clear CMOS
  • Install fresh copy of Windows on your system.

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