How to fix Low Volume in PC Headset

How to fix Low Volume in PC Headset

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Right from the moment you connect the PC headset to the time when you play your favorite movie or song on the system, care should be taken and steps should be followed to ensure uninterrupted voice quality. Although everything seems clear and easy for the user in this context but if the headphone does not work or sound comes very low, this is the greatest problem which needs your immediate attention. Here, you will learn all the possible solutions which depend on the root of the problem and thus; you can easily fix low volume issue in the headset. You should note it here that low volume problem might be nested in the hardware connection process, sound settings or volume controls of the microphone.

There is no denying the fact that process for diagnosis and resolution of headphone errors on the system will greatly depend on the type of problem. For this, you will require sound driver which is updated and driver CDs.

  • You should make it sure that headphones are switched on and plugged in properly. Also, check for the mute section which must not be enabled and further ensure that volume control settings are idle. Sound level in the settings section for audio has been set at average level which is sufficient to be heard properly by the user.
  • In order to change settings for audio related issues, you can easily access the system section by double clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray which will directly bring you to the new window. You can also access this very setting panel from Control Panel and check for radio button of volume and mute options.
  • System Restore may also be a good option if the sound has lost at sudden from headphones or speakers. For this, you need to go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools and at last System Restore. If it does not fix the issue, you should quickly resort to other possible solutions that are described below.
  • Sometimes, sound may not be heard through the headphones if connection problem persists. For this, you will have to plug in the cords of your headphone properly and check whether output sound is coming properly by playing media files.
  • Resolving the sound issue will be much easier if the sound driver is missing or not have been updated since a long time. This can be quickly fixed by installing the sound driver from CD or downloaded file. If it is already installed on the system, you will require it to update from the internet which will quickly fix the issue.
  • It should be noted here that sound driver installation will need rebooting of your system which must be done for proper audio output. You can check the status of audio driver installation by visiting Start>Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Sound. Uninstall the sound driver from here and reinstall the same thing to get across the problem.
  • You can also increase the system volume of headphones by visiting Volume Control.

If none of these actions fix the issue of low volume, you should visit the nearby professional technician because it will be hardware problem.

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