How to Remove the Dangerous Superfish Adware Preinstalled on Lenovo PCs

Hey! Do you really know what Superfish adware is and how you can remove it from your computer? If no, then this post is the best source to know about Superfish adware and its removal. You can easily remove Superfish adware preinstalled on the Lenovo PC. So; let’s check it out this post!


Uninstall the Superfish software

This is the first step in the removal of Superfish adware preinstalled from the Lenovo PC. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Window Start Screen or Window Start As the Start Window open, search for Uninstall a Program. Once you got it, launch the program.
  • As soon as you launch the program, Superfish Inc Visual Discovery will appear on the screen. Right click it. There are many options that will appear on the screen. Select the Uninstall Enter your administrator password as it prompted.

With this, Superfish adware is uninstalled from the Lenovo PC. But, this is not enough. Only uninstalling the Superfish adware may not solve your problem because uninstall of the program does not result in the removal of root certification. If you want to remove the Superfish adware preinstalled from the Lenovo PC then you have to remove the root certificate as well.

Remove the Certificate from Windows

For removing the root certificate from Windows, you have to follow some steps. The steps are very easy and simple. Here are the steps for removing the root certificate from Windows:

  • Open the Start menu of Windows or Start Once the start screen is opened, search for certmgr.msc in the search field. Right click it and then select the Launch Tab. Once you pressed the Launch Tab, a screen will ask you for Administrator password.
  • In the next step, you have to click Trusted Root Certification Authorities and then open Certificates.
  • You can use find option or you can scroll down in order to get, Superfish, Inc.
  • Once Superfish, Inc.certificate appears on your screen, right click it and then select the option

Remove the certificate from Firefox

Here are some steps that help you to remove the certificate from Firefox:

  • Go to Options/
  • A screen will appear with many options, select Advanced and then go to
  • After selecting Certificates, Click View Certificates.
  • After this, search for Superfish adware, if it is there, click it immediately and go to Distrust or Delete Tab and click it.

Restart your Browser

Once you have deleted Superfish adware completely, quit or close your entire web browser completely or you can restart the Lenovo PC as well.

Check Again

For checking, load the test page again from Firefox and from Chrome/IE .once the page is loaded, make sure that there is no Superfish adware this time.

With this post, you would come to know that how you can remove Superfish adware preinstalled from the Lenovo PCs.

So, these are the simple steps that you should follow for removing Superfish adware. So, follow this post rigorously and remove Superfish adware from Lenovo PC.

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