Top 5 Windows phone security apps

Top 5 Windows phone security apps


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Unlike Android from Google and Apple devices, Windows phone has not yet received so much attention and market appeal till now but the advent of the Windows 8 has definitely achieved something more than expected for the company. No doubt, it has started to bring more and more consumers to increase the sales figure but what keeps you ticking here is the nature of security and privacy protection feature users are applying to their communication devices.

It should be noted here that hackers have been targeting Android and Apple users till now because of more market reach but Windows phones are also present now on their radar which must be taken seriously. You must note it here that protection does not mean detecting just malware and viruses in the phone rather it also clarifies more about the private data protection and permission restrictions. Here, you will find the top 5 Windows phone security apps which brings enhanced security level for the device.

  • eWalletGo – This is quite a popular security app which has been used enhanced private data protection which comprise of PINs, credit card information, login passwords and banking process. Moreover, you can also create backup of important data with the help of Dropbox and Google Docs accounts. This app will cost you just $4.99 which is nothing in context of data security. Users can feel free here to differentiate easily between work accounts and personal data with eWalletGo app.
  • Best Phone Security – As the name indicates, this security app seriously accomplishes its work of data security. Of course, it will set an alarm and record the time of unsuccessful attempts of login so that you can understand clearly about the culprit. If you are a little worried guy about family member, relatives and friends, this is a security app for you because it will show you data regarding failed attempts when the phone is kept away from you. It costs $0.99 to offer such an advanced security level for privacy.
  • 1Password – Storing password information for you and synchronizing this data with your system at ease over wireless or mobile connection will be convenient for you through this app. No doubt, you can sync all the stored information and sensitive data with cloud storage facilities using Dropbox. What it does more for you to store credit card credentials and providing friendly & simple menu to get access.
  • Keeper – This free security app provides unique service for internet security which does not remember only password phrases but also creates strong and complicated password for login. Keeper can be treated as the best password manager which allows you to sync data with Windows devices, to encrypt essential data and create backup in cloud.
  • MotionCam – A motion sensing and ultimate personal security app, MotionCam will get triggered as soon as noise or motion is detected in the nearby area. What it does for you is to record mp4 video and sending it to your email ID. This app is really useful for stolen or lost devices.

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