Top 10 Facts about Space You didn’t know (Funny to Watch)

Howdy Everyone,

While we discussed previously about 12 interesting computer facts, today, we will be discussing top 10 interesting facts which will amuse you.

While nature, ocean, space etc has really mysterious unresolved things, here are top 10 interesting facts about space.

10. You can’t really cry in space. 😀

9. The astronauts on the ISS (International Space Station ) witness around 15 sunsets and 15 sunrises a day.

8. The International Space Station (ISS) is the most expensive project which is ever built, at $150 billion.

7. Most astronauts are 2 inches taller in space.

6. There is a water reservoir in space space which is equal to 140 trillions times than the entire amount of water in ocean in world.

5. On the International Space Station (ISS), urine passes through a special water filtration system that turns into drinking water… (WOWWWww))

Please find out the rest in our video and have fun, we really tried to make it funny and also please do comment and subscribe to our channel.

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