Where are Chrome Bookmarks Stored in Windows 10 PC or Laptops?

When you bookmark a certain website to retrace a particular piece of information in your Google Chrome browser, your web browser is not the only place where you can find them in the future again.

Actually, there are other locations as well on your computer or laptop where they are stored in privacy.

Now when the familiar question crosses your mind- where are Chrome Bookmarks stored in your system? there could be few obvious reasons to think that way.

For instance,

  • You need to locate specific bookmark files in order to remove a corrupt file.
  • You are deciding to export Chrome Bookmarks to a new web browser so that bookmark files can appear in your new browser afresh.
  • Import Chrome Bookmarks from other browsers back to Google Chrome if you have a change of mind in the future again…

So whatever be the reason for finding Chrome Bookmarks, keep one thing in mind that you must exit Google Chrome first before you start searching for them, otherwise Chrome may sniff the modification and restore them.

Okay, now coming straight to the point I would first tell you, where are Chrome Bookmarks stored in your Windows 10 system, which is helpful in removing unnecessary damaged files.

#1: How to Find Chrome Bookmark Location in your Windows 10

Well, clicking the three dot Menu icon on your Google Chrome web browser can easily and quickly show you all the added WebPages that you wish to visit without having to type their URL in the address bar again and again.

But have you ever wondered where are Chrome Bookmarks stored or what is the Chrome bookmark location within your Windows 10 computer?

Most of the users don’t know about this hideous location, but I will unravel it in this very article.

So this is how you begin the procedure:

Step 1. To first find out the Google Chrome bookmark location type Chrome://version in the Chrome Browser URL section and hit “Enter”.

Step 2. Now you can see the Chrome bookmark location next to the “Profile Path” tagline.

Step 3. Note down the pathway in a notepad which looks somewhat like: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Where are Chrome Bookmarks Stored in Windows 10 PC or Laptops 1

NOTE: Remember before you proceed to find out the hidden Bookmark folder in your Windows 10 computer, make sure to enable the “Show Hidden Folder” option from the Control Panel to let the folder appear easily without any restriction. Just go down the pathway This PC> View> Check Hidden items and save it.

Now you know where to search exactly for Chrome bookmark location to open the “Bookmark” folder.

Open up the folder, create a backup of them to set another new browser as your default browser; Delete any specific bookmark file to eliminate malicious or corrupt items from your computer; Export Chrome Bookmarks or Import it from elsewhere, do anything you want, after all, you know finally how to track them down.

#2: How to Export Chrome Bookmarks in Windows 10 OS

If you have decided to switch over to a new web browser for a change with intent to keep your Bookmarks safe from any suspect, then you have to back up the Chrome Bookmarks first and then export them to your required location.

If you can manage to export the Chrome Bookmarks on your Laptop or PC as an HTML file, then you can restore them on any web browser from any remote location or computer having access to the internet.

Here’s how you do the backup stuff and export them to a new browser.

Step 1. Firstly click on the Google Chrome three dot Menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser Windows and then choose “Bookmarks” from the drop-down menu and next “Bookmark Manager”.

Step 2. Now; from the top right corner click on the three-dot icon of Organize to see a new submenu and choose “Export Bookmarks” from the list.

Where are Chrome Bookmarks Stored in Windows 10 PC or Laptops 2

Step 3. Browse to store the Bookmarks to any specific location in your Windows computer and save it as an HTML file.

It’s all done for now. Now you can use the saved file on your computer to export all Bookmarks to any web browser.

Wait, wait, it’s not over yet. We would explain you the way to import Chrome Bookmarks back to Google Chrome again or to any other web browser as per your requirement also, so relax and start reading again.

#3: How to Import Chrome Bookmarks back to Google Chrome

Suppose you didn’t like the experience of using other web browsers and turns your mind to switch back to Google Chrome again as your default browser, then it would be a very wise decision to import all the Bookmarks along with settings back to Chrome browser.

How to do it? Why don’t you to check it yourself in the guideline below?

Step 1. Click on the Google Chrome Menu icon which is a three dot icon from the upper right corner and select “Bookmarks” from the dropping menu.

Step 2. Choose “Import Bookmarks and settings…” option from the next submenu.

Step 3. Next, you will see the browser name and details from where you want to import the Bookmarks.

Step 4. If you wish to import Chrome Bookmarks from another web browser, choose the browser name, and click “Import” button to get going.

Where are Chrome Bookmarks Stored in Windows 10 PC or Laptops 3

Step 5. And if you want to import Chrome Bookmarks using the already saved HTML file on your Windows 10 computer, then select “Bookmarks HTML File” and then “Choose file” option to browse, select the HTML file from its stored location, and finally click “Open” button to start importing.

Where are Chrome Bookmarks Stored in Windows 10 PC or Laptops 4

That’s it!


If you have done everything alright, just in the manner explained above in the article, you can import, export Chrome Bookmarks easily from or to any web browser respectively.

In fact, this article has certainly shown you step by step as to where are Chrome Bookmarks stored in Windows 10.

In case you still have any queries regarding how to import, export Bookmarks, you can mention your problems to us, and we will try our level best to give you the best result.

Enjoy and have fun, and keep visiting our website to read more such exciting articles.

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