How to Save Instagram Images and Videos?

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Today we are going to discuss a very vital point regarding Instagram, one of the most favored photo sharing application in this article.

First of all, do you remember the moments when you are scrolling down the Instagram home page, and you come across a picture or video that you wish to save to your personal gallery? But since there are no default options for downloading or saving you simply move on.

At last, you don’t have to hold back yourself anymore. Yes, there are few easy-going downloader apps which can actually help you download the Pictures and videos posted on Instagram in an instant.

We will cover up the app discussion one by one below in the article.

#1: Save Videos or Pictures using InstaSave App on Android

InstaSave is a freeware app easily available on Google Play Store. Therefore, you don’t have to bother about purchasing it online.

So this is how you use it to save contents from Instagram:

Step 1. Download and install the App from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Now open Instagram and go to the picture or video that you wish to save. Let’s take the example of a video here. Copy the link of the video and paste it to InstaSave.

Step 3. Now choose the download option in the preview tab.

Step 4. Finally, tap the “Download” button to save the video.

Repeat the same method for downloading images also.

#2: Save Images or Videos using DownloadGram

DownloadGram is a website which provides you the interface to download Instagram videos and images. It is a very safe trick, and there is no extra hassle of downloading and installing downloader apps.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Firstly open your Instagram page and go to the picture or video that you want to download.

Step 2. Now tap the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the content and select “Copy Link” option from the context menu.

Step 3. Visit next and paste the link in the main text box on screen.

Step 4. Tap on “Download” button followed with either “Download image” or “Download video”.

#3: Save Pictures or Videos using FastSave App

Just like InstaSave, FastSave is also a downloader app which can download Instagram pictures and videos.

So this is how you have got to use it:

Step 1. Visit Google Play Store and download FastSave App to your Mobile. It’s free.

How to save instagram photos

Step 2. Next launch the app, turn on the “FastSave” feature.

Step 3. Open Instagram, and tap the three dot icon next to the image or video that you plan to save.

How to save instagram photos 7

Step 4. Select “Copy link” option from the submenu and your image will automatically be saved.

Go to your Phone gallery and check for yourself. You will find the picture or video in the recent folder.

Amazing isn’t it?


In conclusion, there are plenty of other applications and online tools to do the downloading task, with this in mind, we have selectively advised you the ones which actually work. You can try and then decide.

But still on a shorter note, you want to save pictures from Instagram, you can also take screenshots and then edit or crop them according to your requirement. Unfortunately, you cannot save videos that way.

As a result, you would need the apps mentioned above.

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