How to Send Disappearing Messages on Instagram?

In the recent past, the zenith of social traffic is hugely taken by Instagram. Surely, none of us can disagree on that.
Spontaneous text dispatch protocol with a variety of options and goofy filters, users increasingly become dependent on Instagram for every interaction.
But like every other messaging applications, the risk of the recipient saving your texts and using it against you in times of extremities is nothing short of a disaster.
There is a way to counteract this situation. What if you send a text, and as soon as it is received on the other end, it disappears once read. Clearly, you will remain at your own end.
The latest versions of Instagram offer a feature called “Vanish Mode” which allows users to send disappearing messages for security reasons.
In this article, we will elaborate on the method to use this mode to your safety.

Method Description:
Step1. First, make sure, you have got the latest version of Instagram installed on your Android or iPhone. If not, install it right away from the play store.
Step 2. Launch the Instagram app, and from the top right corner of the screen, tap the text bubble icon to check the messages.

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Step 3. Select any particular chat, where you wish to use the “Vanish Mode”.
Step 4. Now swipe the chatbox up, and the vanish mode will get activated. The screen will black/ blue which is a clear indication of its activation.

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Now you can send whatever you want. Be it messages, videos, emoticons, stickers, etc. Once you will turn off or leave the Vanish mode, and the other person has read your texts, Instagram will delete all straight away delete all those messages.

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NOTE: Although the recipient has the full liberty to take screenshots of your messages, luckily Instagram will notify you the minute they do it.

The important thing to note here is that Instagram keeps your deleted media owing to Vanish mode in their server for about an hour. In case, the media contents are needed by the recipient to file a case against you.
So beware of your words and gestures while invoking on social media platforms.

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