Why to Use Window’s YOUR PHONE App?

Why use Window’s Your Phone app? is a question which you will understand only if you know the inconvenience of using phone and PC simultaneously to share texts, photos, etc. between two of them.

Isn’t it a pesky task to pull out your phone every time it beeps a notification while you are sitting at your computer? When you email your photos from either device to view it on the other devices, or need to glance every now and then for text messages operating a computer at the time, just imagine how tiring and bothersome it turns out.

Now suppose, you have an application that can set up a link between your Android phone and PC, thereby enabling you to send and receive anything unifying both the devices as a single unit. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

In order to help you with this predicament, Microsoft introduced Your Phone application that bridges the gap between your Android phone and Windows PC.

Once your Phone and PC is linked with this app, you can text from your PC, can check out all your Phone’s notification on PC, and instantaneously transfer photos between the two devices.

Now Your phone application is actually a bundle of two apps. Your Phone on Windows PC and Your Phone Companion on Android and both of them need to be installed on both the devices. Moreover, your PC needs to have Windows 10 October 2018 update otherwise this application will not be supported.

While linking your Windows 10 PC with your Android, make sure they are connected to the same Wi-fi network and are also connected via Bluetooth.

How to Set up Your Phone App on Windows 10 PC?

Even though Your Phone utility is found to be pre-installed with Windows 10 OS, but if you wish to do download it in case you have uninstalled mistakenly, you can download it from the app store.

Go to the “Start” menu and type “Your Phone” to list it out. Click on it to launch it.

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Now you have to choose “Android” and then click on the “Get Started” button to continue the linking process.

You will be requested to log in with your MS account if you aren’t signed in already.

Next, RUN the Your Phone Companion application on your phone and log in with the same MS account details you are currently using on your PC.

Sort out the quick set up process of installation and finally tap on the “Allow” button to link it with your PC.

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Now both your Windows 10 PC and Android are linked via Your Phone App.

Well, the application will start to show your phone’s notifications and photos on PC which clearly suggests that the linking job has been done successfully.

How to Transfer Recent Photos from Phone to Windows PC?

Once the link has been set up, the application will show your recent photos from the phone gallery. Click on the “Photos” tab on the right sidebar, and it will you the recent 25 photos of your Phone.

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But still, photos are in your Phone memory and are not permanently stored in your PC’s memory. To have it in PC’s possession, you can select either “Copy” or “Save as” from the right-click sub-menu list. You can also drag the required photos to PC’s any particular folder, and they will be copied there also. To send the photos via text or mail, you can select the “Share” option.

NOTE: Your Phone app will allow you only to transfer the most recent photos of your Phone to PC. If you want older photos to be transferred to the PC, then you have to connect your Android phone to PC using a USB cable.

How to Send Texts from Windows PC using your Phone?

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Yes, you have read it right. You certainly can send text messages from your PC as you do on your phone. And your link up the phone will act as an intermediary.

In fact, Your Phone app will display all your chat conversations of your Phone on PC as well. So you can check out incoming responses, and can send texts simultaneously.

Microsoft initially planned to achieve this very goal with Cortana, but due to its incompetence in building up a unifying interface, the idea was dropped down and was replaced with Your Phone app.

The general layout is very much similar to that of your Phone’s messaging interface. Click on the “Messages” tab on the left-hand sidebar, and click on the “Refresh” button to get the recent chat threads. Choose any one of the conversations within the message thread, and click on it to respond.


So you see how simple it is to mirror your Entire Phone photos, texts, and notifications on your Windows 10 PC just by the aid of this simple application Your Phone.

But take it into consideration that this is app is not applicable on iPhones since Apple restricts such integration. Though iPhone users can use this app just to send web pages back and forth between PC and iPhone, nothing more than that can it avail.

So if you want to reach less often to your phone, while you are working on your computer, you can use this wonderful feature, Your Phone to your advantage.

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