How to manage your iPhone with IOTransfer Software?

You must know by now if you possess an iPhone that your reckless usage of the device is making it more vulnerable to weaker performance. So many videos, images, messages, etc. are all stagnated in your iDevice and you have no way to manage or at least transfer them to somewhere safely.

I too have been dealing with the same issue since the day I bought my iPhone 7 Plus. I cannot even download a video from YouTube or transfer the huge bulk of data to computer so easily. A lot of hassle needs to be taken care of initially. Who does that? Then one day, I stumbled upon this iPhone managing tool, IOTransfer as I was exploring free tools to overcome the trouble. Trust me it is a wonderful tool boon to iPhone users.

What’s more? It not only manages your iPhone, but can download videos and does many video morphing tricks. Most of the iPhone tools are found to be of paid version. But this tool gives you a free download offer as well, a good relief to you all.

So would you like to know more about this amazing tool? Of course why not! After all this utility is going to solve a hell lot of your iPhone management and video downloading issues.

So here it goes.

IOTransfer Salient Features:

  • One of the best iPhone Manager with 100% guaranteed output.
  • This tool is compatible with all iOS versions.
  • It can work for all Windows OS also, such as XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • Transfer to your computer only at one click is now possible with this tool.
  • It has in-built YouTube Video Downloader with Video convertor tools in addition.
  • It has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo video in-built downloader also.
  • The tool provides deep phone clean.
  • It is available with free Online GIF maker features also.
  • It can support multiple video formats.
  • You can back up your iPhone to your computer with one click.
  • The tool can delete bulk videos to free up iPhone memory.
  • You can download the tool both to your iDevices like iPhone/ iPod/ iPad and also to your computer installed with any Windows OS.

Well there is no end the wonderful features of this tool. And to be precise, I literally cannot sum up all of them in such a brief description. It’s not until you use it yourself, that you would begin to fathom the tool correctly.

In this IOTransfer article I would discuss one of its effective trickeries that I tried when I first downloaded it to explain how this tool can actually work.

Continue reading to know the full scale details of this method.

How to Download YouTube Videos to PC using IOTransfer?

Step 1. Download the IOTransfer tool from its official webpage.

Step 2. Install the tool to your computer and don’t worry about the OS compatibility.

Step 3. Choose your YouTube video from the YouTube website. Copy the video URL and paste it to on the URL section of the tool’s screen.

Step 4. Click on “Download” button beneath the URL field.

Step 5. Later on you can transfer the video downloaded to your computer to your iOS device by clicking the iPhone icon.

Hope the information provided in the article was enough to clear your doubts regarding the authenticity of this tool.

Trust me; you must use it first to know what more it can do. So if you own an iPhone, go and grab the tool right away.

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