How To Fix The Issues Related To Computer Registry


How To Fix The Issues Related To Computer Registry

Computer registry is nothing but a congregation of files. Such types of files are often related to installing some software, visiting websites and doing lots of other things. The fact is very clear that the performance of your computer depends upon these registries. There may be instances when there is a malfunction of a third party utility software. In such cases the registry gets corrupted which can have an impact on the performance of your system. Such problems can be seen if your computer is making an unusual restart, it cannot remove the software and the most common one is that of the slow processing speed. You need to worry as you can easily solve this problem on your own.

How To Fix The Issues Related To Computer Registry

The first and foremost task for you would be to clean all of those types of registries which are not meant for your computer. You can follow these simple basic steps:

  • As a first step it is advisable that you create a restore point for your computer with the help of running the backup and restore wizard in your Windows based computer. In order to locate simply go to the All Programs> Accessories> System Tools and System Restore. This wizard will help you to restore the configuration of your computer to its current setting.
  • After having created a backup, it’s necessary that you locate a good registry cleaner. In order to find one simply go to the internet and type in the keyword Registry cleaner into the search engine and you will discover many options.
  • After you have purchased the software install it on your computer and run it. Many a times the installation log of this software will also be created into the registry. You are now ready to run this registry cleaner. In the course of the installation it may be that your computer may be required to get restarted for several times during this process.

The above facts explained the details related to the cleaning of the registry with the help of the third party utilities. Such a step is important for those who know the computers thoroughly. There is also a manual approach which is available to do this task. But in this case it would be better if you knew the key which is creating the error. As an example if any of the explore.exe which is the important application of Windows to reflect then the visible looks of your operating system is not able to load. In this way your computer’s screen will be displaying nothing but the background of your desktop after the start up. Follow these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Click on the start menu and then click on the run command.
  2. Once here simply type in regedit.exe. When you have done this the registry editor of Windows will become visible and it is from here that you can fix this problem.
  3. Simply click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software>Microsoft>Windows NT>Current Version> Winlogon and in the last step go to shell. You will simply have to double click on this application and then set the value to explore.exe.
  4. It’s time for you to restart the computer and you will find that your problem has been resolved.

In this way you will also be able to clean all of the registry errors with the help of this manual approach.

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