What Is Phishing Attack and How It Works.


Phishing is a simple and 100% working technique to Acquire passwords or secret codes such as credit card numbers of victims.

Everyone using E-banking or any social networking site like Facebook or Twitter have to deal with these kind of Phishing Attacks. You can only save yourself from these kinds of attacks from your own awareness because no antivirus or Firewall is able to detect these kinds of malicious activities.

It is not a virus that comes to your system and then send your passwords to the Hacker but it work in real time i.e. it will send your password to the Hacker at the same time you enter it from keyboard.

How it works?

Its working is simple. Hackers create an exactly same web page you are looking for ( website Forgery).

For example if you are on Facebook and click on the malicious link spread by Hacker, a window will open asking for your username and password. This window will be exactly same as the facebook login window , victim will think that he is accidently logged out and he will enter username and password, and these details will be directly sent to the Hacker.

Generally Hackers spread these links asking you for – any post like , watch video , see latest news etc. this is done to attract people to their link and making them to click it.

Similar is the case while you are doing E-banking as Phishers are targeting the customers of banks and online payment services. When they click they are asked details such as passwords and credit card, social security, and bank account numbers, that the legitimate organization already has.

Sometimes you might have seen E-mails saying that you have won the prize worth thousands of dollars and to claim it send us your several details or fill form provided with the link. These are examples of advanced Phishing.

How to save yourself from Phishing Attacks ?

1)Never click on any link that seems suspicious.

2)Always Use OTP (One Time Password ) Technique while doing E-banking.
3)Use two step verification method in gmail account.
4) Always check the SSL certificate given in the URL (HTTPS) of the site while entering your login details.
5)Before entering your login details take a look of the URL and make sure that it is same site in which you want to login.
6)Always use secured connection while connected via WiFi.
So these were some Basic Tips to stay away from Phishing attack
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3 thoughts on “What Is Phishing Attack and How It Works.

  • December 14, 2014 at 11:39 am

    Thnxxx for the tip…

  • May 20, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    My gmail account was hacked via Facebook,threw a fan based website,after getting hundreds of pictures and status comments,and nothing else,i realized something was amiss,so i deleted it,but it was too late,luckly Google blocked them.


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