How to Make the Cursor or Mouse Pointer Bigger

Cursor or Mouse Pointer is among the most crucial need to operate any system. From start of the system till the end, mouse pointer plays a significant role.
The biggest problem arises when your mouse or curser cannot locate the pointer and you have to struggle hard each time to search for it. In this condition you must change the way that your present pointer looks like or behaves. The most convenient way to reach the tool depends on the version of the windows you are using.
Windows 8
This method is recommended for the users that use a keyboard or a mouse since the intermediate elements are small and are much difficult to tap. It has a more configuration options.
Below is the procedure to open Ease of Access in the control panel.
1. Move the mouse pointer to the upper right hand corner of the main screen.
2. Click on the Screen option.
3. in the search box type Ease of Access Centre.
4. Finally click on the button Ease of Access centre.

You can do the above activity just by pressing Windows Key + U

To Make the Mouse Pointer Larger
Under Explore all settings click on make the mouse easier to use. There various patterns of mouse are now available, select the most preferable one.
Another method is recommended for the users that basically uses touch enabled devices such as tablets or phones.
* Move the cursor to the upper right hand corner of the screen to get the sub charms.
* Click on the charm that shows settings.
* Click on the icon showing Change PC settings.
* Finally click on Ease of Access.

For Screen touch aided devices
* Move the cursor to the right hand edge of the screen to get the charms.
* Click on the Settings icon.
* Click on the icon Change PC settings.
* Click on Ease of Access.

To Enlarge the Size of the Pointer
Under the ease of access, please follow
* Click on the Mouse in the menu.
* Select the size and colour of pointer you prefer in the Pointer colour and Pointer size.

For Windows 7
In windows 7, the ease of access centre has totally replaced the accessibility option mainly in the control panel.
To open Ease of access centre press Windows log key + U.
Another method to open Ease of access centre is

* Click on start button.
* Click on Control panel and click Ease of Access.
* Finally click on the Ease of Access Centre.

Windows 10
Methods to change the size of the cursor in Windows 10 include
* At the beginning, go to the search field.
* Type mouse in the space.
* In the submenu click on the Change your Mouse Settings.
* Soon setting app will open.
* In the resulting setting app, search for Additional Mouse Settings and click on it.
The above information will be very helpful in changing any of the cursor issues and problems.

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