Galaxy S10 10 Features Set-Up Tips

If you have recently got the new Galaxy S10 Smartphone, then you must have discovered by now that it is choke-full of fantastic features. Isn’t it?

The advanced Smartphone is brimming with features that you are not even aware of, be it the adorable multiple cameras to work in unison to take perfect images, or display fingerprint sensors..

In fact, the experience can become at times a little intimidating since the number of features the phone packs is way too much for a beginner to unravel.

And this is what the article here is meant for. To guide you through all the pertinent settings and essential features to turn your pity experience with it into a wonderful exploration.

We have carefully chosen those indispensable features that you need to enable, disable or customize on your new handset.

So without wasting any further time, continue reading….

#1: Customize S10’s Navigation Buttons

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Galaxy S10 imbibes the latest Android 9.0 OS which brought about new gesture navigation settings to Android Phones. But this particular handset of Galaxy S10 has its own gesture navigation settings. Although it is not enabled by default, rather you have to dig in yourself to do it manually.

It’s pretty simple. Just go to the “Settings” then choose “Display” and next “Navigation bar”.

Here you can enable the “Full Screen Gestures” button. It allows you to swipe up along the bottom of the screen to get back to home screen, back and overview.

If you don’t want it, you can deactivate the “Gesture hints” at the bottom of the screen. You can also customize the usual navigation bar order.

#2: Enable Face Recognition

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The face recognition featured in the Galaxy S10 is no different than the intelligent recognition pattern used in Galaxy S9. In fact it still uses the 2D imaging process rather than the depth mapped, 3D face ID authentication which you can easily find in iPhones nowadays.

But yet, it is way too convenient to start your handset without the need of pressing any button.

To enable it, go to the “Settings” app. Choose the Biometrics and security page. Tap the Face recognition option at the top of the screen.

Enter your PIN code or password before starting the process. After the finishing the enrollment process, you will have the liberty to modify the Face Recognition settings according to your need.

In case you are worried if someone can sneak-peak into your device with similar face structure, it is better you keep the feature disabled to make it more secured.

#3: Turn-On Night Mode

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This particular feature has gained a whole new popularity since phone screens with darker hues consumes less power than the bright screens.

Galaxy S10 too is equipped with this feature. In order to activate it, head to the “Settings”, tap on “Display” option and then “Night Mode”.

Now you have a choice either to keep your phone in night mode for the whole night, or you can manually schedule the dark night mode. According to the pre-set time, the phone screen will turn dark from bright. And it will again turn back to bright screen once sun rises.

#4: Enable Wireless PowerShare

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One of the fantastic features available in all Galaxy S10 variants is the Wireless PowerShare. With the help of this wireless technological breakthrough, you can charge other devices wirelessly using your phone’s battery by Qi induction.

Swipe down the notification bar to check out the entire list of quick toggles.

Tap the “Wireless PowerShare” toggle to turn it on.

Once the feature is activated, a message describing you the way to use it will pop up.

Now you can turn the phone upside down, and place something over it to begin the flow of power.

You can later on deactivate the feature by tapping the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.

#5: Schedule Blue-Light Filter

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Blue light filter lessens the eye strain caused due to continuous usage of SmartPhones. The feature is available on Galaxy S10 too.

Although, according to Samsung, the AMOLED technology used in their phones reduces the luminescence of blue light by 40%, without affecting the display quality at all.

But still if you want to lower it more, you can use the blue-light filters or you can schedule it to get enabled at the preset time.

In order to activate it, go to the “Settings”> “Display” and tap on the blue light filter item. The slider helps you to adjust the filter level according to your requirement.

#6: Disable Skin Tone Smoothing

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To be honest, most of the users are not big fans of this Skin Tone Smoothing filter. Who likes personal portraits to be overtly smoothened to an extent that it looks unnatural?

The filter comes activated by default on Galaxy S10 handsets.

So turning it off is the best possible option to heed. But you have to independently do it for different camera modes. For instance, whether you are capturing a live image or a standard image, just tap the magic wand icon at the upper right corner of camera screen. This will bring up the slider which controls the smoothing effect. You can choose the smoothing effect to the lowest level.

#7: Customize Edge Panel

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Have you noticed a small translucent icon on the extreme right position of the phone screen? That’s the Edge Panel. This panel with a single swipe gives you the full access to all the apps, features, settings, contacts, reminders, etc.

But you need to customize it first as per the panels you want there to be exhibited.

You can do that by opening the Edge Panel, and tapping the gear shaped icon from the bottom left corner. Here on, you can select the order and choose the exact panels you want.

Apart from this, few panels like contacts, applications provide you additional settings to include in the panel.

For the record, you can also change the location, size and color of the edge panel handle by tapping the menu icon and checking on the handle settings.

#8: Create Bixby Routines

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Bixby voice is a virtual assistant developed by Samsung, and was first introduced in 2017.

Now the apparent difference with Bixby routines is just that they are simply automated tasks which are not triggered by the Bixby voice. So don’t get confused with Bixby routines with the actual virtual AI.

You can manually set up the routines under “settings”> “Advanced Features”> “Bixby Routines”.

You can hear change the gesture for lock screen, blue light filters, notification muting, brightness, etc.

#9: Create Secured Folder

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Undoubtedly if you have a powerful Smartphone like Galaxy S10, it would contain a lot of data which after some time will become very difficult to manage. In such a situation, there is a provision to keep the contents in a secured folder with hardware encryption.

It’s very easy to set up. First go to the “Settings”, then “Biometrics and Security” and tap on “Secure folder”. Follow the instructions displayed on screen thereby to create the secured folder.

You will be needed to set up a PIN or password pattern, or you can set your fingerprints to secure the container. So now, all your apps, personal data, once put in the secured folder can only be accessed if you unlock it. And when your phone is put to sleep mode, it locks again.

#10: Expand Lock Screen Notifications

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Once you the lock the screen of your Galaxy S10 phone, the notifications on the screen also shrink to a size that is truly unnoticeable. Thus having an expanded view for notifications is a better idea. But you have to set it up first.

Go to the “Settings”, choose “Lock Screen”, then “Notifications”. Now change the “View Style” option from “Icons” to “Detailed” so that you can view the notifications in a detailed framework after you wake up your phone.


Hopefully, the set up tricks mentioned above will now at least help you to use your new Galaxy S10 handset properly. The rest of the things you will discover with time as you continue to use it.

In case you find any particular feature on the network settings or call settings confusing, ask a friend or an expert which is adept with the entire system configuration, lest you will end up screwing things up.

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