How to Unlock and Enable Developer Option on Android Phones?

Even though you are reluctant about rooting your Android phone and installing a custom ROM, you can still access zones which are fundamentally not accessible to users.

By default, the manufacturers hide a lot of features from general users. But at the same time, Android does come with the ability to turn on those hidden features by enabling the Developer’s option.

So, fortunately, you can access a whole variety of new features without actually rooting the phone.

The idea here is to become the Developer by enabling the Developer’s Option. In a manner of speaking, by enabling this option, you get the authority as the Developer to render changes and by changes I mean you acquire the privilege to tap into the concealed features, like enabling the debugging feature for USB, getting CPU usage on your phone display, etc.

So here in this article, we would summarize the entire topic in three sub-topics:

  • What is the Build Number of your Android Phone?
  • How to Enable Developer’s Option?
  • How to Turn Off Developer’s Option?

#1: What is the Build Number Of your Android Phone?

“What the heck now is a Build Number when we are talking about activating Developer’s Option?”

Relax, I know your mind must be boggling with this query, but trust me you need to know a few aspects before enabling your Phone’s Developer’s option and Build Number is one of them.

Build Number is a specific code, which gives you the full fledge details about the Android Builds like it’s release family detail, release date, and branch detail, and Google can use the code to know the exact code branch where the build was from.

So in general, the Build Number is not a piece of useless information, but rather you can explore your Android OS in a better-sophisticated way by knowing this code.

Now how to know what is your Android’s Build Number is the first thing we will deal here. To know it, give it a read below:

Step 1.  Turn on your Phone, and go to “Settings”.

Step 2. In the “Settings” search field, type “Build Number”. Well, that’s how it works for most of the Android devices. Since the Build Number is located at different places on different phones, so searching it out is the easiest options of all.

You can also manually go to the Phone’s settings to find the build number. The Pathway for a few different brands of Android are listed below:

  • Go to Settings > System > About phone > Build number for Google Pixel
  • Go to Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number for HTC U11 and later versions.
  • Go to Settings > About phone > Software info > Build number for LG G6 and later versions.
  • Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number for Samsung Galaxy S8 and later versions
  • Settings > About phone > Build number for OnePlus 5T and above versions.

#2: How to Enable Developer’s Option?

Now once you have got the location where the Build Number lies, tap on it for seven times.

As you keep on hitting the Build Number you will get an instantaneous pop up detailing you that “You are X steps away from being a developer” as it keeps track of every tap in the count.

The moment you tap it the seventh time, a pop up will notify you that “You are now a developer” and consequently the Developer option will appear in the “Settings” page unlocked.

Most of the options in the Developer’s options list is meant for developers, like hi-fi audio codecs, USB debugging, and bootloader unlocking.CPU usage, notch options, WebView implementation, Bluetooth trace log, enable viewing attributes, etc.

You can experiment on them as per your wish. Don’t tamper with the Developer’s option too much or else it will lead to an overall rampage. There might come across changes which will override the system pace and you will not be able to revert it back in the meantime.

So be careful with what you do with these powerful options.

#3: How to Turn Off Developer’s Option?

In earlier versions, Google needed to factory reset your phone to ridden your phone off the Developer’s option, but now with the latest Android version, it is easier to jettison this option now.

In the Nougat and later Android versions, you will find a toggle on/off option in the Developer Options page. Just tap it once until the screen grays out which clearly means that the Developer Option has been disabled.


The details about finding Build number and unlocking the Developer option will work as exactly as explained above if you own a Google pixel, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc. But if you own MI phones finding Build number is a bit different ask. In fact, in MI phone you are to look for “MIUI version” and tap on it activate the Developer option instead of Build number. You will find it directly inside the “About Phone” option on the “Settings” page of MI phone.

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