How to install new memory in your PC


Turning your crawling computer into a speedy one is an effortless and worthwhile update.

Today’s generation is getting very familiar with the new buzzing technologies. And riding the computer is the now amongst the best thing they can do. With computer came the flood of software. At present the software like Photoshop, Skype, Drop box, Web browsers like Chrome, Gaming software and a lot more are must for the users. These software runs on Random Access Memory while in process.

Earlier PC’s use to have maximum 2GB to 4GB of RAM, which makes computer hectic to work with if to-many software ran on a single time. If keep on doing the same, with a regular score it will make your PC, creep.

If you feel that this is the story of your PC as well, and then please be informed, your PC is telling you to increase its RAM. 4GB is what we can recommend if the PC is performing very gentle tasks, but we will advise a RAM of 8GB if you are using quit heavy software, though 16GB is the superlative option.

A lot types of RAM’s are there in the market like the latest PC’s use DDR4, wherein DDR3 is what is in, the older versions even use DDR2 and DDR. Soon the market will get standardized into DDR4 however; DDR3 rules market today.

In the market you will find RAM’s different brands like Kingston, Super Talent, G.Skill, Corsair, PNY and all the others. While selecting a brand you should keep in mind the design of RAM’s heat sink. Chose the best composition and of course the one soothing your pocket. Wherein, all the known names in the Manufacturing of RAM deliver an exceptional product.

The other important think to be considered is the speed and memory kit capacity of the RAM. For DDR3 RAM the clock speed should be from 1600HZ to 1866HZ.

Let’s make a choice of 8GB of DDR3 RAM now the question is how to install this new Random Access Memory in your Personal Computer. It quite a trouble-free task of few steps.

How to install new memory in your Personal Computer:

Step 1: Shut down the PC and remove all the connected cables. Now take out the motherboard by removing the side of the PC’s case.

Step 2: Next to a big heat sink you will see 4 memory slots. RAM slots are just near to CPU socket.

Step 3: Now remove the older Ram by removing the plastic latch aside of it. On the other hand you can remove any dust on the RAM slot if there.

Step 4: Now place the new RAM in the slot with a close look so that every small socket in the RAM get filled with the slots or you can even read the Motherboard manual. Now lock the RAM with the plastic latch.

Step 5: Now close the computer case, reconnect all the cables and switch on your PC. Sometimes the system takes few restarts to address your newly introduced memory, so keep it calm. Restart the PC and enjoy the 8GB DDR3 RAM.

Follow the same steps for different types of RAMs.

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