How to save money by not buying a larger SSD than you need

How to save money by not buying a larger SSD than you need


When we think of upgrading the system or PC, there are various things that often come into mind ranging from keyboard, mouse, hard drive, RAM to re-installing new operating systems. Of course, everything among the above mentioned topics will make sense if you are known to personal requirements and system overall performance in terms of speed and space. It is needless to say that buying an SSD or solid-state drive is a fine idea for everyone who feels empty space is not left on the hard drive however; there are a few complications that need to be addressed on immediate basis. Larger SSD comes expensive and you will be much interested in saving some bucks while not compromising with the space requirements and system speed.

How to judge SSD selection for your PC?

Basically, there are only two alternatives for you if the system has gone full in space and you need more storage drives to hold your files and essential documents.

  • Supplement the old hard drive – See, the first option deals with the supplementing of the older hard drive with the newly bought SSD which will be inserted into HD bay. This is easily possible in all types of desktops in contrast to the laptops which has got single drive bay. The prominent problem comes into your way when your PC has got a single bay for SSD insertion. On the other hand, if you have got multiple hard drive bays in the CPU, you will definitely go for an additional SSD which must be capable enough to store the required files and documents. In such a case, it is not always necessary to buy larger SSD rather 120 GB is enough to store your OS and other files. You must ensure that your SSD contains the operating system, documents and hardly some music files which do not require much space on the hard drive. In this way, all other files such as movies, software and heavy games will remain on the older hard drive. The second thought which frustrates you will be the slow speed of your PC which will definitely target yHow to save money by not buying a larger SSD thour system. When you buy expensive and larger SSD or store more files on the supplementing drive, your system will definitely get slow in operations and overall performance. This is possibly the reason why you should invest in new SSD for space which is closely needed for your daily needs.
  • Replace old HD with new SSD – The second choice will recommend you to remove the older hard drive with a new SSD but this should be approximately equal in storage space as that of your previous hard drive. Of course, this will cost you a lot and you can enjoy a different alternative to run your system at the highest possible stage. For this, you should buy a smaller SSD and insert it at the place of old HD. The removed hard drive should be kept in USB closure which will work like an external drive from which files can be easily accessed. However, your system will surely run slower if it does not have USB 3.0 port and this will make your laptop less portable.

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