What to do when the PC turns on but the screen remains black

Many of us usually witness this problem regularly- thproblem of the screen turning black or blank when we switch it on. It is common phenomenon we come across every time but actually do not have any solution to it. We try restarting the computer generally but do not help. We check cable connections of the monitor another connections but all is usually fine there because the problem lies somewhere else. We need to know the proper techniques and methods in order to solve this problem in an effective manner.

The time required for fixing the monitor depends on the problem itself. You have first check whether your monitor is working so that the troubleshooting process can be started. We have first reset the monitor of the computer properly and press the power-off button so that it’s shut down completely. If luck works in our favor then we would exactly get to know the problem when we turn on the monitor as the as the trouble shooting process initiates a beep which would help us to solve our problem.

However if we do not find the beep code we have to continue with our normal process. The BIOS could be the root cause of why the monitor was not switching on and clearing the memory of the BIOS of the motherboard could be bring back all the systems on the default mode and if this processes would timely be finished the we would get a knowledge of the real issue.

We can follow this up by a reseating process in the computer as this will check the different connections the computer has and fix them up. If you’re successful various options like reseating the memory card or so wall appear on the screen which will more or less solve our concerned problem. For completing all this process it is very important to check the power supply of the computer i.e. the computer has not suffered any electric shorts. A thorough check of all the systems and parts is must. Also u has to put a computer in charge before hand before u switch it on. First we should try to switch it on with the hardware essential only and the computer would start by itself. The POST CARD would help to identify which part of the system is actually causing the problem. In case we do not own this essential requirement we should buy it and then continue the process.

After we have bought the POST CARD we should make sure that we change all the hardware components with is counterparts and those which function properly. If we have the post card with us we can check each of the part with it only. By doing this we get to know exactly which component is dysfunctional? However if none of these methods work then we should all and ask for technical and professional help immediately as it might be a serious damage.

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