How to Create a Stunning Promo with VSDC Free Video Editor

How to Create a Stunning Promo with VSDC Free Video Editor

Hello Freaks, how are you doing? Today we have come up with a solution to one of the most asked questions on our website about how to conveniently create and edit videos like a pro without having much technical knowledge. Videos are one of the easiest ways to convey your messages or promote your own product to the world, so it is necessary to make an attractive video which your audience must like. Now, whenever it comes to making videos, you guys may be scared and think you need a whole lot of technical knowledge and so on. While this is not true if you use the right video editing software to make and edit your videos. That’s where Free Video Editor by VSDC comes into play.

What is VSDC Free Video Editor?

VSDC Free Video Editor is desktop software which helps you make and edit videos with minimum effort. This software has countless features including several visual and audio effects. Most importantly, this software is free to use and is a very good alternate for Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere. Making professional videos is very easy with this software and its simple yet power and intuitive interface. Not only that you can export your videos easily and share them on social network websites as well. Here, I will list down the top features of Free Video Editor, so that you can understand the power of this software better.

Main Features of VSDC Free Video Editor.

  1. Stunning Visual & Audio Effect: This is one of the most wanted feature you must have to edit or create any video. With Free Video Software, you will get several visual and audio effects to achieve your satisfactory results. For your convenience, the number of visual effects are categorized by color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special fx.
  2. Color Blending Modes with Instagram-Like Filters: One of the most effective way to give your videos professional look is color blending. You can get antique professional style videos by just simply using a wide array of adjustable parameters. Not only that, if you are in a hurry then you can benefit from the ready-made Instagram-like filters which can be applied with a single click. Easy as that.
  3. Non-linear Video Editor: This video editor uses a non-linear tool which means unlike other editors where every clip comes one after another in a linear sequence, this software allows video makers to place objects in any position on the timeline to give you the best experience. Editing will be in real time and objects positions can be changed over time.
  4. Easy Masking & Watermarking Your Videos: This software allows you to create different shaped masks for hiding, blurring and highlighting certain objects of your video. This is one of the most important feature needed in any video editor so that you can hide or highlight any identity in a video. Not only is that, blurring certain portion of a video also super easy using this software.
  5. Supports all Pictures, Video & Audio Formats: For your top convenience, this software supports all kind of known pictures, video and audio formats so that you can use them in your video and get the best experience. You do not need to convert your files to any certain format to finish your task.
  6. Create Videos for Various Multimedia Devices: Doesn’t matter whether you are making videos for CD/DVD or iPhone/iPad or for any smartphone or regular phones or MP4 Player or PS and xBox, this software can make video for all of your multimedia entertaining device. Very handy feature to have.
  7. Easy DVD Burning: This software has an in-built DVD burning feature. You can directly burn your DVDs using this software. No need to buy any external software for DVD burning.
  8. Screen Recording: This is one of the most demanded feature to record your screen. You can easily capture your desktop using this software and save the footage for editing purpose. You can easily create tutorial videos using this software.

And much more. The feature list are endless. So, I will recommend you guys to head over to their official website and check all the features by yourself. I am pretty sure you won’t regret.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed and found this useful.

Also, please do checkout the following video for brief tutorial on how to apply effects in VSDC Free Video Editor:

Stay tuned for more!

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