How to Find Free Internet for Your Laptop While Traveling

How to Find Free Internet for Your Laptop While Traveling


Possessing a laptop offers you lots of flexibilities and opportunities while traveling as you can carry all your important data and documents, audio and video files, photos and more with you all the time. The most beneficial point to be noticed about this deal is that the increasing number of internet cafes and luxury hotels, it’s possible to get free internet while traveling. Laptops are good for the reason they offer you internet connection through wireless connections. Wifi connection is available in most of the airports nowadays. So, check out the leading tips to get free internet connection during the time you are on a business trip or family vacation –

Update your laptop with research connectivity

Internet is widely used in metro cities and urban areas nowadays; you should not forget to keep your laptop updated with lots of research connectivity options. If you are planning to travel to a developed area, nothing can be better idea than looking for a wifi connection. Verify while booking your hotel whether it has internet access service or not. Secondly, you can talk to your guide about the places where you can have a free wireless internet connection. It is also an interesting fact to know that public libraries in metro cities also offer free internet to use on laptop.

Keep your laptop internet ready

Another important point to keep on mind is that your laptop should be internet ready. Research well about your internet provider whether it offers any way to use your account while traveling as well as check your Ethernet jack and wireless card are working properly. Also, try to know whether your internet provider has any partnerships or contracts with other service providers that can be beneficial for you.

Purchase laptop with internet plans

During the time you purchase laptop, you should check out for internet options in it. Most of the laptops in the modern time are coming with wireless cards to detect wifi signal wherever you are. Sometimes, you will be asked for entering a password to access the connection. If you are in hotel, café or library, you can ask the staff for the password. In some places you can be asked to pay for using wireless internet connection.

Enjoy Ethernet connection

If you want to set up an Ethernet connection, you need nothing but to plug the phone cord or data cable into your laptop. Then, you will be asked for configuration of internet protocol for internet connection. Some computers do this automatically while others cannot. If your computer does not perform automatic configuration, you can opt for the configuring internet protocol manually. Click on network connections and right click on LAN, then select ‘properties’ and ‘Internet Protocol’.  Do matching the IP addresses for certain terminal.

Purchase WLAN hardware

Although, doing good research and checking out so many options online to get free internet connection during traveling will definitely help you to get free internet connection still in order to keep an option ready with you for urgent conditions, you can purchase a WLAN hardware which can be attached with your internet as an external device. This is a good way to create your own wireless signal even in remote places.

So, these are good ideas to get internet for your laptop when you are traveling.

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