How to limit your PC’s data usage while tethering

How to limit your PC’s data usage while tethering



When you want to connect your phone with laptop or PC to get an internet connection, you will definitely love to reduce the tethering data being used for this purpose. This idea works better when your broadband connection is not working well or you want an urgent internet connection in the place where you don’t have internet connection options.

Select the suitable browser

In order to save your tethering data, nothing is better idea than choosing the suitable browser; for this purpose, chrome and opera are good browsers. As these browsers limit the bandwidth while downloading images on pages of websites and also they don’t work by automatic setting of plug-ins. On the other hand, Opera, has the efficiency of compressing data automatically.

Disabling the cloud services

Disable all kind of cloud services by using Dropbox or Google Drive. By clicking on the Dropbox icon, you will see a pop-up window where you can select pause syncing by clicking the setting icon on upper right corner.  Similarly, for Google Drive, right also select pause option by clicking on the right click on Drive icon. Pausing Bittorent sync is also possible in the same way.

Monitor the amount of bandwidth

One more thing to be taken under consideration when you are tethering mobile to laptop is monitoring the amount of bandwidth. On the computer is good option to offer you chances of carry out the process of monitoring through beneficial application. Also, it is important to see that what kind of programs are being used during the internet connection, programs like wireshark can be used.

Disable automatic download of OS updates

Although, downloading an update for the operating system will reduce usage of data while using mobile hotspot still it is good to disable automatic download of updates for operating system. Window users should use Ccleaner for disabling third partner auto update programs. Google updaters, Flash and Java should be disabled. In order to check out whether any unexpected service is being run through internet, you can monitor TCP connections. In this way, you can turn all those services off which are not of your use. If you have attained internet connection from iTunes, turn off update checking and set it as ‘check manually’ and avoid automatic download of updated versions.

Metered setting

If you are using windows 8.1 it is good to set tethering connection as metered. This is how you can avoid downloading non critical updates. For setting metered, you need nothing but to click on the network icon located at the right hand side of the taskbar in bottom. There a pop up will appear with a list of connections available. So, you can simply right click on the tethering connection and set it as metered connection.

All the above mentioned smart tips will help you to save your data during the time you are using a tethering internet connection in your PC.  Also, don’t ever ignore discovering about those unwanted services which are using internet in your system behind your back and increasing the amount of consumed data. This is how you can reduce tethering data in your PC.

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