Tips and Tricks every Evernote User Must Know

You might have had heard about Evernote. Mostly people consider it just a noting service, an organizational tool or an archive storage platform; but truly speaking Evernote cannot be completely defined just by these terms, there is lot more you can with it. We can define Evernote in one line as an online storage bank which can store any useful data you find online in it and use it later. The more you store, more useful it becomes. It can be used online on Windows, Mac PCs, iOS and Android devices. With a recent server upgrade Evernote has started working exceptionally faster than before.


Before are few tips which will make out maximum from Evernote.

Switching to premium version

With as low as $5 a month or $45 a year, you can switch your free Evernote version into premium one. Your storage limit will increase upto 1GB from mere 60MB along with offline access and enhanced search abilities. With the premium version you can search spreadsheets, PDFs presentations etc.


It’s one of the most important options provided to the users. It’s basically browser extension for the common browsers used on Windows. With its help you can capture whatever you like online including the whole of web page, a particular section or a single image with just a single click.

Sending emails to Evernote

When you find something interesting and worth sharing like jokes, code snippets, funny etc. you can simply forward them to a private email which is provided by Evernote. To find your private email address, just check your account info in the app. When you forward something in your account, the subject line becomes the name of the note. You can also give this email address to your friends so that they can send something worth sharing.

Get a clear picture of everything

Evernote has got lots of options and software amongst which the best one is ‘Cleary. Firstly with just a single click, it searches articles for you and makes them clear and worth reading, by removing extra formatting, links, ads or any other nuisance. You get only the desired text and images which can read then and there or save it to your Evernote.

Add Evernote Reminders

A very good option for busy people who tend to forget things; any filed note can get a reminder. Just click on the alarm clock icon present above and you’ll see drop-down calendar with many options to set reminders like daily, single day or weekly etc.

Add to do list

There are many other options available online and in mobile which can help you to add tasks or to do list but if you rely completely on Evernote you have option here too. Create a new note and check out the message on the toolbar above it. you will see a checkbox too, keep inserting one by one and you’ll be creating a to-do list.

If you follow the tips above correctly your day-to-day life can become much easier.

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