20 Tips Every Evernote User Must Know

Evernote is an American international company. It is intended especially for notetaking and archiving. This supports so many operating system such as OS X, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and webs. It permits users to generate a letter which can be part of formatted text, a snap, a handwritten link note or a voice memo. It can also attach files. Notes can create folder, then tagged, then annoyed, then edited, then comments and then searched. There are some tips of every Evernote user must know Evernote tips.

Difference between Note, Notebook, Tag and stack

If you used Evernote first of all known the difference between note, notebook, tag and stack. Note is a single page or document. Notebook is a collection of Notes. Stack is a collection of Notebooks.

Set a Default Notebook

First of all you set default Notebook and treat it like an online clipboard. Now you save images, audio and whatever you want to add in clipboard add it. Once it goes to clipboard you can see one by one. If you want to add it in some other clipboard you can do it. At the end of the day this clipboard goes to empty.

Remember and Capture Everything

Evernote is not a note taker but also perform capturing. That means you can capture anything such as photos etc.

Make use of tags

We can use tags in different ways. There are more than 100 tags which we used. I can tag all the notes related to Android by creating a tag called “Android”. I can tag all the notes related to Microsoft Windows by creating a tag called “Microsoft Window”.

Evernote Shortcuts

This provide you shortcut whatever you want in your favourite notes, notebooks, tags and stack.

Local Notebook

This provide us one feature that is local notebook. You can create your own local notebook. But the problem is that you can’t synced to your other devices. You can shift from your local note to another local note in few steps.

Ink Notes

Ink note is made for drawing purpose. If you are not interested to text messages or record voice. So you can use this note. You can draw anything whatever you want.

Merge Notes

If you want to merge multiple notes so you can do this with the help of Merge Notes. For doing this, first of all you go to command> click on Mac>click on PC>Thumbnail view of the note is generated. After that press on Merge button.

Voice Memos

Voice memo is the best Evernote. Suppose you are getting late and you have not time to text message so you can use this record your voice.

Encrypt Text

This is used for encrypt your information. For doing this, select the text which you want to encrypt> click right >press selected text option then Evernote ask you for entering a passphrase. After this selected text is encrypted. For viewing this, to enter the passphrase.

Capture Screenshot

For capturing screenshot in Evernote first of all set hot key. Click on hot keys after this capture screenshot.

Share Notebooks

In this, you can share your notebooks with public. For doing this, press right button> notebook that you want to share> press” Share Notebook” option.

Share Individuals Notes

You can also share individual notes. For doing this, “Copy Note URL to Clipboard” to get public note to selected one. And anyone can take your note.

Set Remainders

You can also add remainder to each note. You can set day, date and time.

Connect Evernote with Your Other App

For doing this, Go to Evernote App Centre and you will find several apps so you will connect any app which you want.

Enable 2-step Verification

If you want to add security in Evernote Account. Go to Security Settings and enable 2-step verification.

As a Word Processor

Evernote supports word processor for better texting like colour, size etc.

Create Templates

Evernote does not support templates but you can use it by using import and export feature.

Use Underscore Tagging

If you don’t want to create tag so you can use underscore just right after keyword.

Drag & Drop Facility

We can use drag and drop in Evernote. It can use in notes, tags and notebooks.

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