Ten Critical And Vital Things To Do With A New PC

It is the twenty firs t century and the age of computers. The excitement on buying a new computer is definitely a matter of excitement but also a confused state of mind of the do’s and don’ts. However this tension can be erased from one’s mind by following the ten simple but most critical things to be done as soon as one buys a new computer.


The ten vital requirements

  1. Save the serial number by writing it down or even taking an image. This is necessary for future use.
  2. Checking the surge protector is a must. If one sees it flashing then one will have to replace it with a new one.
  3. A recovery disc needs to be created as one will have to begin from scratch every time.
  4. Windows update must be completed before one wants to switch on the internet. The eagerness and hurry is palpable but one must understand that this takes a few hours to complete.
  5. Installing the browser online one should use a familiar type. The many that are available are Mozilla, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer.
  6. Cleaning junk is of paramount importance. On buying a new Pc one tries to skip it but this needs to be done so as remove the junk in the disc drive.
  7. Drive updating is also necessary to remove unwanted programs from run.
  8. A reminder warning needs to be set up for expiry of warranty. This is very important so that one can enjoy continuous pairing throughout.
  9. Installing of firewall and antivirus helps in protecting the computer from hackers. Thus a strong and robust antivirus must be installed.
  10. Customization of network setting is necessary so that once hooked on the internet one is safe. If one does not want share file and folders with others then network setting will be useful.

Other salient points that one must remember:

The PC is a fresh opportunity for one to explore a different new world. The Computer is a collection of components rightly installed to accomplish anything right from balancing your budget, to help in finding a career. Stocking the PC is a definitely a personal task. Some programs are so helpful and useful that one could easily suggest to others. This must be done right in the beginning.

An AIMP3 for a media player can be installed as it has a great and sleek design. One can also include playlists and convert audio files with it. Installing an AV needs a check on the ISP first. Many offer free for subscribers. New computers come with Apple or Windows installed.

Chrome though faster than other browsers lacks security as compared to the more robust Firefox.

Every software installed whether it is free or paid for needs to be configured .Setting up Google as a search engine and Google News as a home page is highly recommended. Advanced System Care covers half the recommended software.

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