How to Know if an Image is Photoshopped?

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How to Know if an Image is Photoshopped?

With the editing technology that is made available today when it comes to photos, some people question certain photos that they see on the web. There are actually various different ways that can help you to determine whether or not a photo has been photoshopped.

First, you should know that photoshop can be used for the good or bad. Just about any photo that you see nowadays on a newsstand has had some sort of alteration done to it. It is not always something that is considered to be bad because photoshop can be used to enhance a photo or to make it look more presentable.


Observing a Photo with your Eyes

Looking closely at a photo and examining it with your eyes can really help you to determine whether or not the photo has been photoshopped. If you don’t have enough practice at doing this, you can be fooled pretty easily into thinking features in a photo are realistic. If you look at a photo and something about it doesn’t seem right or realistic, then you are most likely right about your observation.

If you are looking at a photo of a person and their eyes are perfectly white without any veins showing then you should assume that the eyes have been altered or photoshopped in some sort of way. Even celebrities and movie stars have imperfections in their eyes; they won’t be perfectly white realistically.

Images that are Non Human

Observing photos that are not human related you will want to observe the edges and the blending of the photo. If  something in a photo is not blending in well with the rest of the picture then you’ll have to assume that the photo features unrealistic images. When an object is photoshopped it is basically several layers that are compiled into one object to make the features look as though they were real. If you are somehow able to add objects to a photo that acquire the same amount of lighting then you will most likely have a difficult time making it seem realistic. With that being said, another way to detect whether or not an image has been photoshopped is by looking at the lighting. If the lighting does not match the way it should within the various objects that are featured in the photo then you’d probably determine that the images are photoshopped.

Photoshop detection software

An even better, more precise way to find out whether or not a photo has been photoshopped is by using software that has been developed for this purpose. However, this software is generally not cheap to come by. There are few free online tools that are available to help you with your photoshop detections.

A software program known as Image Error Level Analysis is a tool known to map an image out which shows high compression points in a photo. Photos that have been photoshopped will show JPEG clues within the image. The JPEG images will be highlighted for you so that you can see what areas of the photo are not real or that have been added in.

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