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Hello Freaks, how are you all doing today? This is one of the most asked questions in our blog from our visitors about how can we produce or tone map High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) images out of the photo sequences taken with a digital camera or a high end mobile device. Combining many photographs into a HDR image is not an easy job when you are doing it manually or using any photography software. To be very honest to this day, we were not able to find any software which can do such work which is why we couldn’t answer this. But today, we found a solution to all of your photography related questions. If you have any question related to photography, easyHDR has a solution to all of them. But before we proceed we need to know what the meaning of HDR image is.


What is a High Dynamic Range or HDR image means?

Basically, a HDR image covers much wider dynamic range than a normal digital camera can record. HDR images are created by combining several photos taken at different exposure values, by varying: shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and the aperture. Every photo in the sequence must cover a part of dynamic range of the photographed scene. The final HDR photo contains all the information from all of your photos.

You can check some HDR photograph samples directly from easyHDR official website to get more information. Now, let’s jump into the features of this software.

easyHDR – Features.

  1. Supported all the image formats. Doesn’t matter whether it’s JPEG, TIFF (8, 16 and floating-point 32 bit), PNG, OpenEXR, Radiance RGBE or FITS, easyHDR supports them all including RAW images.
  2. It has inbuilt tone mapping presets to give you the best experience.
  3. Supports color management.
  4. Ghost removal is enabled whether you do it automatically or manually.
  5. Tone map to get the ultimate result. With the tone mapping feature of easyHDR you will get realistic or dramatic HDR results. You will get the flexibility.
  6. Adobe Lightroom plug-in is installed along with easyHDR for no extra charge.
  7. Live preview of the image while you are working with full resolution of the photo.
  8. Lens distortion can be corrected both automatically and manually. One of the most wanted feature.
  9. Alignments of hand-held photos are easy and can be done automatically or manually.
  10. Image transformations are possible. For example: Rotate (90° left/right, 180° & free hand), flip, crop, resize on save (JPEG).

These are some of the many features provided by easyHDR. Also you won’t have to worry if you don’t know English. This software supports many languages such as English, Polish, German, Dutch, French, Greek, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Romanian.

If you are into photography business or you have a photography hobby then this is a must have software for them. EasyHDR is indeed one of the top recommendations of Geekofreak.com. If you have any query about this software then you can ask directly to their support system on their website.

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