How to Use 2 WhatsApp in one iPhone?

Hello Geeks, how are you all? Today, we are going to discuss on how to use 2 WhatsApp in one iPhone. This will be very funny and informative since you can get really very creative with this method.

Dual SIM management has brought about many revolutionary changes in mobile phone telecommunication. You can call from two different numbers using a single device, instead of two devices. The breakthrough has given many other marvelous changes to apps and tools that we use on your phones.

Here in this article we would discuss about how to use two different WhatsApp accounts which literally means two different SIM card assessments from a single iPhone.

As well know that a WhatsApp account needs a single phone number to access the contact details thereby forwarding the messages and media contents from your device. But in order to access two different WhatsApp account, you ought to have two different SIM card numbers for the each account.

But in spite of having two separate contact numbers, running the same application for two different accounts from the same iDevice is not that easy. Many contradictory complications arise when you install two WhatsApp apps on the same iPhone.

Thus here we have come with a resolution to help you do that very easily.

Keep reading to know the method description.

Method to Run two WhatsApp Account on the same iPhone:

Here in this method, there is an exception to the rule that every iPhone apps should be downloaded from the Apple store. Because in order to install the two WhatsApp instances, you have to download one instance from the usual Apple Store, and the second one needs to be downloaded from a third party server.

Read below to know the steps to install the second WhatsApp in details:

Step 1. After installing the first WhatsApp on your iPhone from Apple store, launch Safari and visit the link:

Step 2. Now; you would see a green colored button below the green colored WhatsApp icon. Click on the green icon to start the download of the second WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 3. Next, you will be prompted to either install it or cancel after tapping the green button. Click on install option and then exit safari to let the download and installation take place.

Step 4. Once the app is installed properly on your iPhone, go to “Settings” and then select “General” > “Profile” options.


Step 5.Tap on “VNE software & technology…” and then press the “Trust” button when the dialog box asks you to confirm the task.


Step 6. Now; launch your second WhatsApp and register it with your second number, as you have already installed the first WhatsApp using the first number.

Success! Your job of creating two different WhatsApp account is done, and you can now enjoy two accounts simultaneously as per your need.

Why do you need to run two WhatsApp Account on the same iPhone?

It is not uncommon that as per your growing need, you wish to have two different accounts with most of the messengers. Now when it comes to WhatsApp, one of the most widely used instant messaging app, the need is a bit more essential. The reasons are given as follows:

Reason 1. Accessing two accounts would help you partition the contact details as per your priority. For instance, one account can be used for formal contacts, where you can discuss and chat and report regarding your work and the other account can be used for informal uses, like sharing music, videos, etc with friends and family.

Reason 2. If you are active only with one account, then you will always be visible to the other online users, but if you can use an alternate account alongside, you can do your job in incognito mode as well by changing the name and profile picture different from the WhatsApp settings.

Reason 3. Having two simultaneous WhatsApp account ensures that in case one of your account is disabled or blocked, you can still remain available with your alternate account registered with a different SIM card number.


Mostly users prefer to jailbreak iPhone to utilize all the blocked privileges of the iDevice which are usually suspended under warranty. But once the jailbreak is done, all such barriers are broken, and your iDevice can function on a full-fledge without any restrictions.

Of all such restriction free features, installing apps like WhatsApp twice is one such privilege you can use.

The article is intended for all the users in such a way, that even a novice in handling iDevices can pull it off easily without any difficulty. Just make sure that while downloading and installing the second WhatsApp on your iPhone, you choose a trustworthy third party site for the job. It’s better if you visit the website we mentioned above in the article.

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