Cheap HubSpot CRM Alternatives for Small Business

Inbound marketing has become an integral part of trade activities. On this account, salespeople tend to utilize versatile innovations and technological advances in their work. CRM is a complex solution accumulating various functions in one place. The entrepreneurs using this legal doping like NetHunt CRM or Pipedrive for their business win success and improve the overall efficiency of operations.

HubSpot is a known brand on the scene of CRM solutions. Latest figures show that the number of companies opted for the said tool rose beyond 15,000. The prevalence of the tool is undisputed. Believe or not, HubSpot is a decent software. Nevertheless, pricing is the only parameter to satisfy all users because it is free. On this account, let’s have a look at cheap but worthful competitors to this famous tool.


The target of the CRM software is to track essential information about clientage and enable interaction with them in one location. Another benefit of Salesforce is the orientation on the increase of sales productivity. It has a mobile app for Android and iOS featuring real-time data from dashboards and custom reports. In addition, a Feed First feature shows the most important information in accordance with your settings. Practical benefits of the product include getting more leads, closing more deals, accelerating performance, and getting more insights. Several subscription plans are available with the cheapest one for a $5 monthly rate per user.


This name is one of the leaders of the CRM sector. Besides, Pipedrive is a rather award-winning product with a decent popularity. Such regalia are possible due to the fact that the tool developers cooperated with the actual salespeople in the creation process.

Judging from the name, the emphasis is made on the management of sales pipeline of a certain company or business. It is a superb solution for small and medium-sized teams for effective operation.

The tool operates in 13 languages. Hence, you will have no troubles related to cooperation with foreign customers. Pricing of the product offers three subscription plans for $12, $25, and $75 per user in a month.

Zoho CRM

Perhaps, this product is not as famous as the previous ones. Nevertheless, it also has own niche of customers to satisfy. Major functions of Zoho CRM deal with managing contacts and leads. At the same time, the tool can be used to manage the sales pipeline. The software is marketed as a solution for any size of business.

Key benefits of the product include the automation of sales operations, provision of a real-time access to essential data, use of social media, as well as integration options with versatile services like Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, and, naturally, Google Apps.

A standard subscription plan costs $12 per user. If your requirements are higher, this monthly rate can reach $20, $35, and $100 per user.

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