How to Turn Off Google Assistant?

By all means you have to admit Google Assistant comes handy in automating task like setting alarms, meetings, playing videos, or music, reminding specific dates, etc.

You just ask anything, similar to exploring Google search engine, and it will fetch the information at your voice command. Besides, in the past few months, Google Assistant AI has considerably evolved with many more astonishing features.

But it’s not fun all the time when Google Assistant gets activated all by itself, and starts doing tasks without any actual command from your side, reports claim.

Rather it pisses you off, and starts interfering with your casual tasks and you have to push it off again and again every time it starts itself. Quite annoying!

So now if your Google Assistant is behaving the same way, then this article will certainly show you some wonderful ways to turn it off or at least disable it in such a way that it stops activating itself without your request, which is the main complaining issue.

How to do that? Is that really possible?

Why not? Check it yourself. The methods are all presented before you.

#1: Disable Google Assistant Utilizing Google Assistant Settings

Okay, so you are done with your Google Assistant uninvited activation, and wish to deactivate it for the good.

This will surely disable all Assistant features which have till this date become the core part of your Android phone. So you need to be sure first before you decide to deactivate it, since all the features associated with it will stop helping you so easily at your voice command.

If you are okay with it, then start reading the guideline steps to deactivate or disable it.

Step 1. Make sure your phone is turned on, and push the Home button long enough to run the Google Assistant.

Step 2. Press the small drawer shaped icon from the topmost corner of the device screen, so that the main Assistant chat screen can come to view.

Step 3. Tap next the three dot icon from the upper right corner and select “Settings” option from the context menu.

Step 4. Choose your target phone name in which you wish to disable the Assistant program.

Step 5. Toggle the “Google Assistant” slider to turn OFF mode from the next screen that comes.

And that’s it!

Now try to start your Google Assistant with the voice command “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” but it will not start like before, which proves clearly that it has been disabled.

If you wish to turn it on again, simply press the HOME button long and tap “Turn on” option and it will start working again.

#2: Deactivate Starting Button

The previous method is quite efficient to turn it off completely, but if you just wish to linger on but want to avoid the mistakenly starting the Assistant using the support button, it can be done.

Very simple, if you follow the steps as exactly as explained:

Step 1. First go to “Device” section of your phone “Settings” and choose “Applications” option.

Step 2. Next you have to choose “Default Applications” followed with “Device assistant app” option.

Step 3. Now on this screen, you can actually decide which app or assistant tool you want to start up when the support button is pressed.

So this is an effective method to do away the support button accidental pressing.

Still not satisfied, and want to try something more.

#3: Disable Google Assistant by Update Roll Back

Actually Google Assistant is completely a new artificial intelligence feature introduced only in the latest Android mobiles. It was not present in the older models with outdated Android OS versions.

Thus if you can roll back your Android OS version to any previous OS versions just before Android 5.0, that is Lollipop then Google Assistant can stop working in that OS environment.

To do this, you have to uninstall the update and Assistant will stop working.

This is how you do it:

Step 1. First go to “Settings” and then “Applications”

Step 2. Within “Application Manager” tab look for “Google” option.

Step 3. Tap the three icon dots and you can choose “Uninstall updates” to roll back to previous Android version.

The Google Assistant now will stop responding to your command since it is disabled now.



Although turning off or disabling the Google Assistant will help you initially from turning on any Assistant tools, apps or assistant chat screen itself, but in due course of time, you will start missing the right away helpful tasks which were possible just at your voice request.

Thus in addition to knowing how to disable Assistant you should know as well how to activate it again so that you can start using it again if need be.






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