How to Access 9Anime and 9Anime Alternatives?

Watching modified funny characters on screen has always been an enthralling experience for kids and teens………. Even for adults for the record…..

If you can understand that, then you surely are an ANIME fan.

When it comes to watching anime movies, or series, there are few websites which have been ruling the virtual market for a long span.

9Anime is one of them.

It streams all types of anime movies, series which further comes in various genres, like horror, fantasy, action, comedy, samurai, ninja, etc.

Users can choose any contents, sorting out the type of movies or series from the genres options displayed. You can watch the contents online for free or you can download it.

Due to its high-speed online streaming, and humongous volume of versatile contents, it has ranked high on the list of top best Anime websites for the past few years.

But unfortunately, in the year 2018 it has been blocked in many countries. The reasons are not fully known to users. According to an open survey, there were many issues with the 9Anime Kodi addons as the addons don’t work properly. Moreover, it is reported that 9Anime does not pull streams fast like before….. But above else, the primary reason for its restriction is that it does not access contents legally.  All these speculative reasons surmounted together to make it fall apart the last year, 2018.

Though it is still accessible in few regions or countries, accessing a website which is formidably banned is a risky feat.

So what to do, right?

Well, there are two solutions to it. Either you look for alternative anime websites, or prefer a VPN to access the very restricted site (9Anime) with protection.

In this article, we will discuss both the possibilities with acute details.

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Access 9Anime using VPN

If you want to access the blocked 9Anime website instead of trying out any other alternative anime websites, then using a VPN service is your haven.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It cautiously provides you safe and encrypted access, that is routing your private network over a public network in such a way that your IP address remains hidden.

Being anonymous to the tracking website, you can safely search for your anime contents on 9Anime website which is unblocked by now.

There are various VPN services available. The online free VPN services are not that reliable, so preferring a paid VPN is mostly recommended.

Few of the VPN services and their impeccable features are listed below:

#1: CyberGhost

It is one of the topmost VPN services of all time. It is well-known for unblocking torrent sites, Netflix, Hulu, NFL, etc. But we can use it to unblock restricted 9Anime as well.


  • Easy to set up, and one-click to Connect.
  • No browsing history or logs are stored.
  • Unblock any website, including 9Anime and other anime websites.
  • Runs on 7 different devices simultaneously under one account subscription.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Provides over 3000+ servers from 60+ countries.
  • 24×7 live chat support is available.
  • 45 days free trial offer with a money-back guarantee.

#2: Nord VPN

Nord VPN is yet one another paid VPN services which protect your browsing privacy and access to restricted sites.


  • Protects your real IP address from ISP and governmental tracking websites.
  • Unblocked all banned websites, including Netflix, BBC player, HBO, Hulu, 9Anime. Etc
  • You can run it with Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.
  • Avails 3000+ servers from 58+ countries.
  • 24×7 dedicated chat support is available.
  • Offers 7 days free trial under 30 days money-back guarantee assurance.

You can also try other VPN services:

  • ZenMate VPN
  • Proton VPN
  • Express VPN

Alternatives to 9Anime

#1: Amazon Prime Video

How to Access 9Anime and 9Anime Alternatives? (1)

Amazon Prime Video is one of the fabulous video searching spots, and in our case, it is anime that we are looking for. Surprisingly, you can subscribe for 1 month free of charge, but yes, you have to take prime membership first. Once the trial period is over, you can watch anime on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

You can download anime videos, save it to your desktop or Smartphones.

#2: Anime Toon

How to Access 9Anime and 9Anime Alternatives? (2)

It is a very fast streaming website where you will get all your anime video contents. It comes with a clean layout which makes it convenient for users to search for any particular videos.

#3: Disney Now

How to Access 9Anime and 9Anime Alternatives? (3)

This is yet another online cartoon and anime streaming website. It comprises a huge volume of videos. So you will never be disappointed with your search result.

Apart from Anime contents, you can specifically get all the Disney cartoons as well.

However, it has been banned in the USA and a few other countries. And if you find it restricted in your region too, you can unblock it using VPN service.

#4: Toon Get

How to Access 9Anime and 9Anime Alternatives? (4)

This website which streams all cartoons and anime videos, and movies, only has a database of over 2000+ cartoon collections. So basically you will run out of options as to what to watch and what not to watch.

It is recommended that while you access these alternative anime sites, use VPN to stay safe for many of these sites is blocked in a few countries.


Out of the two solutions, using a VPN and accessing alternative anime websites, using a VPN to directly access 9Anime is the best option. But in case you don’t want to spend a few bucks for VPN, finding an alternative is all that you can choose.

For more information regarding VPN services, and the sites it can block, read our VPN articles.

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