Top 5 Anime Websites to Watch and Stream Your Favorite Anime

In the recent past, Anime has become very popular content videos in American, Asian, and European countries apart from Japan itself.  In the beginning, many of these shows were aired on TV channels, but nowadays most of the series is available only online.

Hence to watch them in full HD quality, you either need to subscribe to any particular site or find a website which streams anime videos free of charge.

There are many websites which avail anime contents free of cost. But we have done some research and after selection from fans online, we have listed out few best Anime website of all times.

Just continue reading and you will know the rest.


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If you are an Anime fan, then you surely have heard about It streams online anime videos, series, movies, etc. in HD quality.


  • The videos are available in the English dubbed version.
  • You can watch HD series without any interruption before playing.
  • Little ads, quicker updates are the reasons why people choose it so often.
  • Always streams the latest episodes just after the release without any delay.
  • You can search for your anime according to type, genre, etc. like horror, samurai, ninja, mystery, etc.
  • You can check the comments, score given by other viewers to get reviews about the videos before watching them.


  • The videos cannot be downloaded right away. You first need to download a video downloader utility like Videoder, and then you can download the videos using it.


Top 5 Anime Websites to Watch and Stream Your Favorite Anime (2) comes under the radar of popularity because of its diversified contents across the genre. It mostly streams anime series, movies, and small-sized documentaries.


  • It is a free website, so there is no hassle of payment.
  • It lets you watch the videos which are in the Japanese language with English subtitles.
  • English dubbed episodes are also available.
  • It avails Mangas of many famous series like Naruto, Usoqui, Bleach, Yumekui Merry, etc.
  • GoGoAnime has got an app as well. You can stream your videos using it. It is available on Google play store.


  • Few episodes or videos at times come up in the Japanese language without any subtitles. So viewers find it difficult to interpret them.


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For this website, you need to take a premium subscription of membership for it is genuinely a legal site. It is one of the topmost anime sites in the world today.


  • There is no risk of piracy since it streams every anime contents with full legal permission.
  • It initiates anime updates every single hour to make sure you don’t miss out any latest episodes.
  • It is accessible in most of the countries.
  • Most of the videos are accessible only after premium subscription, but few videos are free to watch.
  • It streams HD quality videos with contents arranged in genres and types.


  • One of the downsides is that you cannot watch most of the videos without taking premium membership. As soon as the subscription period is over, you will not be able to access the videos anymore.


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It is yet another user free anime website where viewers can get all anime videos, movies, series, manga, and everything related to anime.


  • You can choose videos according to genres, and reviews.
  • With recent updates, viewers can see the supporter’s recommendations, rating of the videos, recent or latest updates section. This makes the search for contents more convenient.
  • English dubbed version videos are available.


  • Few videos are found to be completely in the Japanese language without any subtitles and English dubbed versions.


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You can consider this site as the king of all anime streaming websites. The popularity is not restricted to the Asian countries only but is widely spread across European, and several American countries.


  • It streams HD quality anime videos, with few ads and no interruption before video playing.
  • The series and movies are sorted out in genres.
  • The website consumes less bandwidth and streams video in just 10 seconds without much buffering.


  • The website does not open with all browsers due to some unknown technical issue. So you first need to check whether the videos are compatible with your default browsers or not.
  • You cannot download videos without first signing in or registering into the website.


We have deliberately chosen the best and commonly visited anime websites in this article for you. But keep one thing in mind, that many of these sites in few regions or countries might have been restricted. So if you need to take extra precautions measure, you must use a VPN to access the site. It will hide your IP address and makes completely anonymous while exploring the sites or watching contents.

At least you will be at the safest side in case you are hunted down by any government tracking website. There are various paid and genuine VPN services available, like Proton VPN, Express VPN, CyberGhost, Nord VPN, etc. You can check out their details in best VPN articles on this site.

Keep visiting, keep learning, and keep growing.

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