Trick to Create Hidden Partition in Pen drive

Secrecy of Data is an essential work, but is difficult to maintain. Whenever we talk about Pendrives unfortunetly to make data confidential in pendrives is so challenging .These days, Most of data sharing is dependent on pendrives. So that’s why, data security is bottleneck to a layman.So, today I’ll give you a trick to Make Hidden Partitions in Pen drive. It is so helpful to make data store secret. You will only watch these patitions in your own computer. No one can find these partitions on any other system.Before doing this trick, if you want to back up contents of pendrive, so do this job first as it’ll be formatted.   



First of all, you have to download USB pen drive driver.
After Download this archive file. Uncompress it on desktop and Plug in your Pendrive into your computer.


Right click on ‘My Computer’. Click on ‘Manage’. Computer Management will be opened.
At left panel of ‘Computer Management’ choose ‘Device Manager’. At the right panel you will see ‘Disk Drives’. Right click on your connected pendrive, choose ‘Properties’ from context menu.


In ‘Properties Window’, Choose the ‘Details’ Tab. Scroll down ‘Property’ Drop Down box and select ‘Device Instance Path’. It will show the ‘Value’ in the form of string of characters. Just copy it. Close window without saving.


Open USB pen drive driver folder, which was downloaded and uncompressed at ‘Desktop’.

Open ‘cfadisk.inf’ (most probably 2nd file)  in any text editor (notepad, notepad++).

Find the ‘device_instance_goes_id_here’ line, it will be located at 26th line. Select it and replace it with the string of characters that you  copied from ‘Value’ field in ‘Details’ tab of ‘Properties’ windows of connected pen drive.

Save the changes and close notepad.


Again open ‘Device Manager’ and open the ‘properties’ windows of connected pendrive. In other words, I can say repeat the step 2nd.


But this time choose only ‘Driver’ tab and click on ‘Update Driver’ button.

Suddenly ‘Update Driver Software’ window will come up. You have to choose 2nd option ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

Again In ‘Update Driver Software’ you see ‘Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware’ will appear. Here you have to deselect ‘Show compatible hardware’ and click on to ‘Have Disk’ Button and click next.


A dialog box ‘Install From Disk’ appears on you screen. You have to click on ‘Browse’ button to select the ‘cfadisk.inf’ file from Universal USB Pen Drive Driver that is located at ‘Desktop’. Click ‘OK’ to save settings.

And again ‘Update Driver Software’ will come, where Model of pendrive has shown. there you don’t need to do anything just click ‘Next’ button.

A warning message ’Update Driver Warning’ has been showing. That is given below in image. Don’t need to worry about this warning message, you have to just click ‘Yes’.

Another warning message ‘Windows Security’ will appear on the screen, where you should select

Install this driver software anyway’.


It will update Driver Software of pendrive. There don’t need to tense.


After successfully updating the driver software,

You have to partitioning of your pendrive as like hard disk. Therefore you have to right click on ‘My Computer

and open ‘Manage’, then select ‘Disk Management’ under ‘Storage’.


Right click on this partition, you will see ‘New simple volume’ and click on it and create partition of your choice.

NOTE:You can create number of partitions as you like. But first partition will show on other PCs, Rest of partitions only show on your PCs only.



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  • October 6, 2013 at 5:35 am

    This driver is not supported in 64Bit Systems.
    Can you provide the same.


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