Convey the Gmail Attachments to the Specific Location Easily Through DropBox

Today DropBox is the most popular thing that you need to transfer data easily without facing any interruptions. Also, you can send the Gmail attachment automatically that would reach the user on the other end. It helps you to have an easy communication along with the useful documents that get into the hands easily.


The Basic Steps

Here you can explore the initial features that you need to follow to manage the safe transfer of the Gmail attachments. Consider the following points:

  • Very first, you have to create the DropBox account that would enable you to start the process. It’s simple to start with DropBox and if you want you can even make of use of the existing account.
  • Now, you need to download the extensions that would allow you to make the easy transfer. Alongside, you have to register for the Google Account to activate the process maintaining the flawless execution.
  • Once, you install the feature it would start monitoring all the files in your Gmail inbox. You can select the particular files and carry out the automatic transfer at your ease.
  • You need to click on the button from where go to the option as Manage Cloud services getting connected to your Dropbox Account. So, directly from the inbox you can allow the files reach the DropBox folder.

So, you complete the installation and also get familiar about the ways that represent the beginning of the course of action.

Know how to Set the Rules

These are the features showing the true information about the rules that you need to set before starting. Go through the following features:

  • It’s the time to set the Manage rules ensuring that you are able to carry out the process in your way. After you click the you can get the option from where you can make the desired settings.
  • Select the type of file you want to send and DropBox folder through which you would perform the transfer. Make sure that you choose the new folder that’s created on DropBox for professional use.
  • Finally, after you save the settings you can initiate the process sending the files to the specific location. You can experience the easy execution of the procedure using DropBox.

Therefore, you are on the right way to manage the entire system making DropBox the important medium to communicate. In this direction, you can comprehend the real utilities of the DropBox account that helps you with all the advanced options.

Carry out a Test Action

Now, you can begin with a test mail ensuring that the DropBox account is functioning well without any errors. Once, you perceive the attachment in your DropBox folder you can understand that it’s going perfectly and you are ready to go ahead.

Overall, it makes you aware of the modern approaches and thus you do not have to work hard to find any other medium. Gradually, you can realize the real importance of the features that you can get from the DropBox account.

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