How To Stop Ubuntu from Sending your Online Searches over Internet

Installation of Ubuntu introduces a condition of sending your desktop searches over the web by default. This is how; you see products from selling sites that you can purchase. This privacy concerning issue definitely needs to be resolved especially for those who don’t want to see products for shopping having the names that matches with your search terms on the browser. Well, the developer of Ubuntu is working in this direction and cannot be expected to come on desktops till April 2016. On the other hand, the company focuses more on availing Ubuntu on:


Disable online search results

The first and a good way of stripping the annoying shopping search results right now. A graphical alternative is there for disabling online searches but remember it will simply remove all the online search results. To set this option, you need nothing but to go to system settings window of Ubuntu. Click on the gear icon at the top of screen and select system settings for opening it. By clicking on the security and privacy icon, you will find a search tab. There, you need to set the ‘include online search results’ off.

Remove shopping search results

This option is far better for those who don’t want to close all online search results. There is a way to just uninstall the ‘shopping lens’ package. In the latest version of Ubuntu Amazon search integration of Unity is not a part of a specific package. Using a command only, you can disable amazon plug ins and other shopping plug ins. The all you need to do is to open a terminal window and then opening a dash. Then, perform a search for terminal. Just click on the icon that leads you towards the terminal application on your device.

Cripple all online query items

The last but really effective idea for handicapping all online query items is to uproot all the online indexed lists through a graphical option. One thing you should take care about this idea is that you might have been interested in saving some search links. The system setting window of Ubuntu can help you in this direction. You need nothing but to click on the apparatus symbol at upper right corner of the screen. Click on security and privacy symbol option to open settings. Then click on the search tab. In this way, the system works by just keeping your system from sending search results over internet and never shroud the items’ list.

All these ideas are for those Ubuntu users who are fanatic of using Unity. On the other hand, those who are not crazy for Unity’s Ubuntu can simply prefer an optional desktop environment. Various kind of Ubuntu programs are there such as Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubantu which don’t utilizes the Unity desktop environment. This is how they don’t have the shopping hunt stuff inheritance.

It means the Unity desktop environment is the thing that sends your searches to internet, not Ubuntu exactly. This is why, excluding utilization of the Unity desktop environment will offer you relaxation from appearance of shopping suggestions in internet.

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